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Hello again... - vannin - 05-26-2008

Back again, I have been gone for months, did anyone notice? Major changes, much work, good results.

Re: Hello again... - pjcooks - 05-26-2008

Hello, Dale, of course we noticed you were gone! Fill us in, what have you been up to, how was the move, so happy to hear from you again!!


Re: Hello again... - labradors - 05-26-2008

Welcome back!

How have you been?

Re: Hello again... - vannin - 05-26-2008

We have moved 3 households, one of them ours, leased an old business, started a new one, shifted twice ourselves, bought a new property, buried a cat, and a dog, and tried to remain sane throughout. Relatively sane that is. We are now on 10 acres, in a tiny house, trying to remain sane. There is much to do. Gardens and fruit trees to plant, nut and avocado trees too. Managing to get a stinky debilitating cold on the way.

Under the 'much to do list' is solar heating, solid fuel cooker, wet back, and an extension to the house. We didn't sell our other property, we leased it, so are very very poor. However, I expect our plans to come to fruition, as plans should, that is their job after all, and we will be just fine out here, beyond the beyond. We are only 2 kms from our daughter, but 70 kms. from anything resembling a shop. I guess it sill all be in the planning. Plenty of water, plenty of sun, and fresh air. I guess it was the fresh air that brought me down, these city lungs are not used to it.

Got the preserving jars ready for large buys until I get the garden underway. Thats about me for now.

Re: Hello again... - pjcooks - 05-26-2008

Wow, Dale, it seems like you have lived a couple of lives since you've been gone. I'm quite impresses with all you've accomplished in the last few months!!


Re: Hello again... - DFen911 - 05-26-2008

Vannin we missed you! I am so glad to see your return to the boards

I am sorry about the loss of your pets.

I do envy your new endeavor. Over the next few years your place will blossom. And your house may be small now, but when you're able you can always add on. Particular with 10 acres to spread out.

Start taking pictures now! You will be amazed at the difference in 1 year let alone 5

Re: Hello again... - Gourmet_Mom - 05-27-2008


I am soooo glad to hear from you! I had just gotten to know you were gone!

Well, ten acres...modest but managable. We're working on establishing 52! So I know where you're coming from. I am sooooo glad you're back on and hope to share many experiences managing acreage along the way!

Re: Hello again... - labradors - 05-27-2008


I am soooo glad to hear from you! I had just gotten to know you were gone!

[Showing my age] Shades of Hee Haw: "Where, oh where are you tonight? Why did you leave me here all alone? I searched the world over and I thought I found true love. You met another and pfft you were gone." LOL!

Re: Hello again... - farnfam - 05-27-2008

Hey there Dale, how wonderful to see you again. Yes, I did certainly notice you were not here!! Glad to hear that things are settling down to a dull roar for you. Welcome back.
Empress for Life
ps Did you notice my royal title? I believe you were on sabatical when I achieved it LOL

Re: Hello again... - vannin - 05-27-2008

What a nice welcome home good friends. Daphne, 52 acres. We are too old for such a large undertaking, but our neighbour has several hundred acres or so, and he is here today tidying things up some of the mess left. He took his prize cows off our place yesterday. I don't really want animals, perhaps a couple of sheep perhaps, so he he can use the grazing. We really just want gardens, orchard, chooks, pheasant, quail, (little things). He can pay us in meat now and them.

Really so nice to be back. We will add to the house in due course, but I think it wise to wait a year and not the seasons, winds etc to get the greatest benefit.

And no Cis, no title shows under your name, just as well you told me so I can be properly 'spectful!!!