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Graduation Party - DFen911 - 06-04-2008

Ok so this Friday is the big grad party. I have about 30 people coming so doing 4 different appetizers.

Gorgonzola stuff dates wrapped in bacon and broiled.
Puff pastry stuffed with chicken
Baked Wontons stuff with ground turkey seasoned with pizza sauce and cheddar cheese.
And then I'm taking that guacamole with the crab and putting it on endive leaves.

Plus there will be a brie wheel, grapes, veggies, chex mix and a cheese spread.

Beverages will be soda, bottled water, wine and beer. And sparkling cider for the kids.

A cake that I am ordering today will be dessert.

Am I missing anything? Lol

Re: Graduation Party - bjcotton - 06-04-2008

Me! That makes 31

Re: Graduation Party - DFen911 - 06-04-2008

Get yer buns down here You get Thursday for a travel day Party is Friday and graduation is Sat.

Re: Graduation Party - cjs - 06-04-2008

TAKE PICTURES - those 'nachos' would be pretty in the spoons also..... hmmmmm. But, they sure will look good on the endive leaves.

Sounds like a fun party and buffet for the young'uns. have fun!

Re: Graduation Party - Gourmet_Mom - 06-04-2008

Sounds Great! I don't think you missed a thing! I'm sure everyone will have a blast and RAVE about the food!

Re: Graduation Party - bjcotton - 06-04-2008

I really wish I could Denise. It would be wonderful to meet y'all and play in the kitchen. Maybe later.

Re: Graduation Party - DFen911 - 06-05-2008

Billy any time you want to venture to S. Calif you let me know! Since Laura is going off to college we finally have a spare bedroom lol! I would love to have you come down

BTW that goes for any of you. It would be so nice to have a kitchen buddy. Derek will clean the dishes but he hates to do anything cooking related, especially raw meat of any kind.

Re: Graduation Party - pjcooks - 06-05-2008

Looks like a wonderful menu, Denise, have a great time, and don't forget to take time out for yourself to enjoy the party!!


Re: Graduation Party - bjcotton - 06-05-2008

That sounds like a good place to come after visiting Sharon in you like dogs?

[Image: Buds001.jpg]

Re: Graduation Party - Gourmet_Mom - 06-05-2008

AWWWWW....Buddy and his babies! I'm on the wrong coast, but you and Buddy would be welcome any time!