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Where Is Everyone???? - cjs - 06-12-2008

Do you all have lives outside of this site for God's sake????

Daphne is finally out for the summer and Sharon is healthy again and I'm, well, I'm always on here, but no one's coming to play with them!!

Re: Where Is Everyone???? - Harborwitch - 06-12-2008

Ya took the words right out of my mouth. I talked to Joan (Lvtahoe) last night - she's seriously dieting and ignoring food and cooking.

It's echoing here! Hellllllloooooooooo Helllllllloooooooo! Is it just us? Perhaps the ugly weather in the midwest is keeping people off line???

Re: Where Is Everyone???? - DFen911 - 06-12-2008

LOL I'm at a college orientation for my daughter. Haha I am typing on my new itouch iPod

Re: Where Is Everyone???? - esgunn - 06-12-2008

Hi! I'm here - well sort of. I have been taking care of my nieces baby (10 weeks old) for the last few weeks M-F since she had to go back to work and couldn't do daycare. I don't know how much longer I will have him - maybe a week or so, or maybe until the end of summer.

Hubby left today on a 10 day trip - that is always chaos for us. Usually the day or so prior I try and get in some time with my girlfriends for a little 'me' time. And we are trying to finish up school for the year. A few more lessons in Phonics and we will be done with our first year!

Of course we are going to continue over the summer - but our kindergarten year obligation will be over. Probably only two days a week over the summer. We finished science and math early so they already sent us the next curriculum - 2nd grade math and 1st grade science. And of course we will keep up with sight words and lots and lots of reading.

Did Anyone else get the email that they have a summer special? The 1st weeknights book, the second weeknights book and the 1st grilling book all for $14.95 and free shipping? I made the Cordon Bleu stuffed chicken from the 1st weekend nights book on tuesday. It is always so good and so easy. (just trying to bring some cooking into my email since I blathered so much about my suff and my kids )

Re: Where Is Everyone???? - vannin - 06-12-2008

Blathering about kids and stuff is good to hear. I am still unpacking boxes, and trying to get 1/2 a cupful of kitchen organised. The library is my primary concern, how I have missed my books since we left Martynsfield on 1st March. At least this tiny house is easy to heat now the weather is dipping to the colder months. It will be the shortest day here on 21st of this month, I remember my grandmother telling me every year, God bless her. In this part of the Island we don't get the really cold weather suffered by those inland or down south. And certainly not the extremes of other parts of the world. We are only about 10kms from the Tasman and in a valley. I love it here, I really do.

Re: Where Is Everyone???? - farnfam - 06-12-2008

I'm here We've been playing so much with the boat. I'm still looking for boat picnic menu ideas. In about a week or so, I'm going to redo my first Aerogarden in a "South of the Border" style. I've got Cilanto, Ezposate, Greek Oregano, Thick Italian Parsely, and some others planned. Or I might double up on Cilantro for the extra spaces. I've been having trouble getting the Cilantro to germinate.
In the other Aerogarden the International Basil is going great guns. The smell of the Lemon Basil is intoxicating!! Any ideas that feature that one???
Empress for Life

Re: Where Is Everyone???? - DFen911 - 06-12-2008

Well I am home and my daughter is officially registered for college and I am more educated than I ever was. Thank goodness they make it easy.

Farn for the lemon basil I'm thinking a nice fish dish. Lemon always goes good with fish. Maybe sauteed with some nice roma tomatoes and lemon basil and a white wine.

Re: Lemon Basil - esgunn - 06-12-2008

Seafood, chicken, a fruit salad, Thai food. Oh, the possibilities. YUM!

Re: Lemon Basil - firechef - 06-13-2008

I am still here but have had to add more time to my commute due to flooding and lost my hour or so in the morning and evening...other than that work is getting busy again and I am still interviewing for better jobs.

I hope to be here more often in coming days...hope everyone is well and I'll see everyone again soon!

Re: Lemon Basil - Gourmet_Mom - 06-13-2008

Well, finally! Whew! I was wondering. Due to a bit of family drama and loss of internet today, I've been off, too! I still have a bit of business to deal with tomorrow, but I hope to be back "on" cooking tomorrow or Saturday at the latest.

I am sooo glad to see everyone on today! Dale and LJ especially! I've been worried about you guys. Please check in as much as possible. I understand that Dale is still setttling in, so I hope to hear more soon...winter months tend to create more "time"? I'm soo glad you are settling in.

I check in on you, LJ, regularly on the news. I worry about your flooding and driving must be a nightmare. Please stay safe!

I knew, once I saw that boat, that Cis was gonna be in and out...I WOULD! IF I COULD ONLY GET A BOAT FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cis, you need the Molto-style sub from the Sizzle magazine. It would be perfect on the boat. The popcorn bread done small sub size for sammies would be GREAT! Just load your cooler with thin sliced deli meat and cheese, condiments, and the variety pack of chips and you'll be named the QUEEN of the LAKE! Throw in some homemade pasta and/or potato salad and tomatoes and lettuce for "fancy" sammies....You're the QUEEN for sure!

Erin, you are a MODEL MOM! If I could only have a few of your kids or parents with your mind-set....DREAMING!

Denise, I am so glad you are feeling better about your daughter's move! Good for you!!!!!!