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new mag. - coco hernandez - 06-12-2008

They just put the new mag on the website and it looks good! Lots of grilling stuff! Now that it is almost summer and I am almost on vacation, I can really see myself doing lots of cooking.

Re: new mag. - DFen911 - 06-12-2008

Let's all peek..

[Image: cover-large-dropshadow.jpg]

Re: new mag. - esgunn - 06-12-2008


Did you notice a new book coming out too...Sandwiches and Salads - but I couldn't get the link to work to take a peek.

Re: new mag. - DFen911 - 06-12-2008

Yeah the link doesn't work nor does doing a search for it.

Oh they are such a tease!!

Re: new mag. - Gourmet_Mom - 06-13-2008

I just got my order for the new Grilling Mag. William is soo excited about the different hotdog recipes...LOL! He LOVES hotdogs!

Sadly, I've got to return my other mag. They sent Perfect Soups instead of Perfect Pasta! Now I've got to do the return thing...I HATE THAT!!!!!!!!!!

How am I ever going to make all these recipes with a new mag coming in!?!?!? I've got soooo many recipes dog-earred, I'll not have to repeat for weeks!!!!

Luckily (for once), I'll be on the late list...LOL!

Re: new mag. - cjs - 06-13-2008

Daphne, I bet you and William would love the brats I did for the WIT company dinner a couple weeks ago. I think I posted the recipe???? hmmm, will look.