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Hi from Maryann! - Gourmet_Mom - 06-13-2008

I didn't get to go down to Myrtle Beach yesterday as planned, since YS was not well. But I did get a chance to chat with her briefly today. Poor thing got sick as soon as they got down there. She said she didn't feel bad, just lost her voice until today, so she couldn't yell at anybody...LOL! She said the weather has been GREAT! I am soo glad. I was a little worried, but hoped they had enough ocean breezes to keep there temps down. It's only been in the 80's down there...luckily.

Anyway, she said to tell everyone HI! Sadly, they have to leave tomorrow, so we should be hearing from her in the next few days!

Re: Hi from Maryann! - cjs - 06-13-2008

That's too bad you couldn't get together! I'm so anxious to meet cha all!