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OT-Those darned Dogs - bjcotton - 06-18-2008

Buddy has a big pillow bed. He gets up from it and comes over for some loving. Chelsea then goes and lays on his bed; after he's through with the loving he goes and lays outside my bedroom door, so Chelsea comes over for loving and then goes back to lay with him outside the door; it bugs him so he gets up and comes and lays in front of comes Chelsea. I gave each of them dog biscuits this morning, Buds ate his and Chelsea is in the kitchen. I holler, "Wanna go outside and have a cigarette?" Buds goes to the front door and I let him out. Chelsea runs into the livingroom, looks at me and then takes off for the kitchen. I think, "Well she doesn't want to go out front." Here she comes at a dead run, so I let her out too. Grab my ciggies and book and sit on the porch. She moseys over to the garden behind the tomatoes and I see her shoulders working so I holler, "No digging Chelsea!" Then I see the dog biscuit in her mouth...she's burying it in the garden... I think everything is going to be alright!

Re: OT-Those darned Dogs - labradors - 06-18-2008

Then she probably turned, with dirt all over her muzzle, and gave that, "What? ME?" look. ROTFL!

Re: OT-Those darned Dogs - farnfam - 06-18-2008

I think that was really quite clever of Chelsea, to try to grow a biscuit tree near the tomatoes. I think you've got a genius dog on your hands Billyj dear.
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Re: OT-Those darned Dogs - Harborwitch - 06-18-2008


Re: OT-Those darned Dogs - Gourmet_Mom - 06-19-2008

How cute! One of our labs used to do something similar. At Christmas every year, she would get one of those big bones. As soon as he'd go outside, she'd go bury it. Months later, we'd see her in the yard with it. I guess she was saving it for later after all the other treats were gone...LOL! Kinda like putting it in the bank.

Re: OT-Those darned Dogs - labradors - 06-19-2008


I guess she was saving it for later after all the other treats were gone...LOL!

No: she was marinating it in a dry rub. LOL!

Re: OT-Those darned Dogs - luvnit - 06-19-2008


No: she was marinating it in a dry rub. LOL!

You always give me a good laugh Rob!

Re: OT-Those darned Dogs - NoMicrowave - 06-20-2008

Thats really funny. We have a Pitbull (Betsy), who save the rawhides and keeps them from Duke, the Great Dane. I know it's a match made in heaven.

Re: OT-Those darned Dogs - cjs - 06-20-2008

How funny! When I was growing up (dare I say a hundred years ago????), my aunt and uncle had a great dane, named Duke! What a gorgeous and fun 'puppy' to grow up with.