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C@H #70 August issue - pjcooks - 06-19-2008

I haven't spent a lot of time looking through this issue but so far, I'm unimpressed. Maybe I'm in a mood, or maybe the last issue was so good, I was expecting more.

I'm intrigued with the "Dreamy Chocolate Malts", though, made with ricotta . This fits right into discussion lately, doesn't it?

Before anyone asks:

Dreamy Chocolate Malts (Look, Ma, no ice cream!) Makes 3 cups, 10 min

2 c ice cubes
1 c part skim ricotta cheese
1/4 c malted milk powder
1/4 c chocolate syrup
2 T skim or 1% milk
1 t vanilla extract

Puree all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Divide among 4 glasses and serve immediately.

What a coincidence, many of the recipes are or have been on our menu at work.

Anyone else received theirs yet, and what do you think?


Re: C@H #70 August issue - esgunn - 06-19-2008

No sign of it yet...Still waiting...

Re: C@H #70 August issue - luvnit - 06-19-2008

Just got my issue today too. I have to really go over it again, but not impressed with all the brat recipes. There was a grilled sandwich (with pesto) in there with gazpacho on the side that looked very worthy of a try. Of course the ribs look great too.

I still can't cook yet. Still in construction zone. Losing a bit of my patience with that too.

Re: C@H #70 August issue - DFen911 - 06-19-2008

Lol! We just had brats tonight..doh!

Re: C@H #70 August issue - cjs - 06-20-2008

We're 'brats' out!! No more for a while! Haven't seen the new issue yet.

The malts look tasty, PJ.

Re: C@H #70 August issue - Lorraine - 06-20-2008

Don't have mine either.

Re: C@H #70 August issue - HomeCulinarian - 06-20-2008

The kids love brats! The Sam's here sells 5# packages of fresh brats made by Usingers. These are the best brats IMO. [Image: bg_top.gif]

I boil them in beer and then put them in foodsaver packages of 6 or so. Then grill (or pan fry if in a hurry). Serve with horseradish, sauerkraut, chopped onion, on a sausage roll. Great summer dinner with potato salad and fruit salad.

Re: C@H #70 August issue - labradors - 06-20-2008

What? No potato pancakes with applesauce or sour cream?

Re: C@H #70 August issue - cjs - 06-20-2008

There good with the red cabbage 'kraut we all talked about a couple weeks ago, too.

By the way, Houseboat Don got me to reduce the beer (w/ketchup & Mustard) that I cooked the brats in to a syrup, then used that to baste the brats on the grill when I marked/heated them. It was delicious!

Re: C@H #70 August issue - HomeCulinarian - 06-20-2008

Not here. Sometimes we do roasted potato wedges.