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Re: Question about popcorn bread - farnfam - 06-24-2008

Yes, Daph, that's a help. I only meant to first process the popcorn and remove. Then I wanted to use my PowrPrp to mix the dough, it's a 14C capacity I think it'll work. I'd raise it in another larger bowl tho'as you suggested. Thanks, that'll make it an altogether easier project.
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ps sorry Sharon didn't mean to misinterpet you, I should have looked more carefully

Re: Question about popcorn bread - Harborwitch - 06-24-2008

Cis I don't know about the food processor. It's a huge heavy batch of dough - strains my Artisan KA too. Every time I make it I wish I had the 7 qt Cuisinart mixer. I guess you could try - and see what happens.

I let it rise in a huge glass bowl - it won't even fit in my dough rising bucket.