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OT/YIPPPPEEEE!!!! - Gourmet_Mom - 06-27-2008

Some of you know the story, but here is the short version. DH, William, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2002. At first, he was told it was cancerous and had matastised (sp?)from cancer from somewhere else. His mother died from cancer...never went to the doctor. Anyway, a good friend with a brain tumor referred us to a GREAT surgeon (the one who operated on T. Kennedy). After sending William's MRI to Friedman, he called us one night...after 10 PM! say it was a meningioma (sp?) and easily removed and while called "cancer", not the "bad kind".

The big one growing aggressively and causing problems, was removed, radiation therapy was done in case it was not all removed, later complications of a blood clot (the scariest part), William was released.

The clincher, watching the area where the tumor was and ANOTHER tumor in a different part of the brain...the size of a LARGE olive. He has had to have MAJOR surgery to repair skin damage due to radiation treatment on his of those things they don't tell you about.

Finally, he had his annual MRI and all is well! The existing tumor has not started growng!!!!


Re: OT/YIPPPPEEEE!!!! - iBcookin - 06-28-2008

Wonderful news Daphne, and aren't we blessed to live in a time where medicine has advanced to the point where there are success stories like yours.

Re: OT/YIPPPPEEEE!!!! - cjs - 06-28-2008

Oh my, what wonderful news for you, William and your entire family!!! Now, if you can keep the helmet on the kid, you're batting a thousand!!

Re: OT/YIPPPPEEEE!!!! - farnfam - 06-28-2008

So happy for your and William's good news, Daph! Zillions more wonderful years together are wished for you both.

Re: OT/YIPPPPEEEE!!!! - Mare749 - 06-28-2008

Oh Daphne, I'm sure you feel like celebrating this weekend! What wonderful news. Thanks for telling us. Hugs for you and your hubbie!


Re: OT/YIPPPPEEEE!!!! - Gourmet_Mom - 06-28-2008

Thanks you guys! Yes, indeed, we will be celebrating this weekend! It's gonna be Fourth of July ALL week!!!!!!

The icing on the cake, I had my physical Thursday and I've lost 10 pounds since last year, my blood pressure is down...a lot!, and my cholesterol (sp?) is GREAT! I was sooo excited! Then "doc" had to spoil it and gave me the bad news...I'm now 50 and need that 50,000 mile check up! I have my first colonoscopy (sp?) scheduled for later this summer...EEEEEEWWWWWW!

OT- Cis, I've been meaning to tell you. My brother used to call me Daph all the time. Sweet reminder...makes me smile every time I see you use it!

Re: OT/YIPPPPEEEE!!!! - firechef - 06-28-2008

Yea!!! Mommy!!! Big yippeeee to Gourmet Dad!!!

I'd take the 50,000 mile check up over breaking down before you get there...

Re: OT/YIPPPPEEEE!!!! - Harborwitch - 06-29-2008

Great news Daphne for both of you. The colonoscopy isn't sooo bad. The prep sucks - but the procedure is easy peasy.

LJ good to see you! I've been worried about you!!!!

Wonderful, wonderful news - lxxf - 06-29-2008

Go get some bubbly.

When you get the colonoscopy, make sure they sedate you enough. I was wide awake, watched the whole thing and had to ask for extra anesthesia 3 times! It felt like I was in labor.

Again, wonderful news!


Re: OT/YIPPPPEEEE!!!! - marzyn - 07-04-2008

Daphne! You've no idea how happy this makes me! This is such good news... First it was our friend Sharon (Icymist), and now William! Please give him a bearhug on my behalf!
Happy July 4th!!