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Need Advice Please - piano226 - 07-28-2008

I need to make a few simple dinners that can feed a crowd (100 plus people)

The big problem is that there will be no access to ovens of any kind.

We need to come up with 7 dinners.
So far I came up with 4...any suggestion for the other 3 would be greatly appreciated.

1. Beef Stroganoff
2.Stir Fry
3. Taco night
4. Spaghetti and meat sauce

Thank you

Re: Need Advice Please - HomeCulinarian - 07-28-2008

Here's two ideas...

Pulled Pork Sandwiches - you can make the pork in ovens or roasters ahead of time.

Hearty Soup and a Salad

Re: Need Advice Please - Harborwitch - 07-28-2008

Chicken & Dumplings
Chicken fajita salad
Grandmother Pearl's Meatballs & noodles
Chile Verde with rice
Red beans & Rice

Re: Need Advice Please - cjs - 07-28-2008

Antipasto Tortellini salad
If very laid back/informal group - grilled brats with buns
Chili beans

Re: Need Advice Please - piano226 - 07-28-2008

Great Ideas ...thank you so much

Re: Need Advice Please - pjcooks - 07-28-2008

On the salad idea, Salad Nicoise, or chicken Caesar-

Mac and cheese (or American Chop Suey, for that matter), or chicken pot pie (with the "pie" parts being prebaked puff pastry triangles or whatever served separately at rom temp) have worked well for me, especially when cooked in 2"full pans, they stay warmer longer.

Do you have access to Cambros? Or at least chaffers?

Tell us more about this know how nosy I am:o


ETA, sandwiches made on foccacia or baguettes, or even ficelles (they're a little harder to deal with, though,)are good, you can get a lot out of each and they look impressive. Soup is a good idea, too, I always try to do one, even though it means dealing with bowls and spoons. Fill 'em up with this at the beginning of the line-sorry, the caterer in me is rearing its' ugly head...

Re: Need Advice Please - piano226 - 07-28-2008

Well the event...where do I even begin...
We go to Burning Man every year.
My boyfriend designed and builds a huge structure (around 3500 sq. ft) that includes the kitchen that can sit a 100 people. We serve dinners every night for the people that sign up for the camp. The event takes place in a desert, so even having a kitchen is a total luxury. We try to premake food and take it frozen.If you are interested in learning more about Burning man just google it. It is truly hard to explain. All I can tell you that it is one of a kind experience. I do not go for as many days as my boyfriend does. I love the art that is on display there , so I basically go for the last 4 days.

Re: Need Advice Please - HomeCulinarian - 07-28-2008

I just looked at the Burning Man website. Very interesting project - vacation spot! The kitchen also sounds like a challenge. If you can set up grills you could have a lot more options.

Re: Need Advice Please - pjcooks - 07-28-2008

Now I remember! You told us about this last year, and I checked it out then. Have lots of fun, and good luck!


Re: Need Advice Please - Old Bay - 07-28-2008

Gumbo with rice.
Shrimp et toufee