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Sunday Dinner?? - cjs - 08-03-2008

I've got a couple of pitas left, so I'm going to make the King Crab Louie sandwich filling (Sandwich & Salads book), but with shrimp (freezer ) and l/o zucc soup. Easy day.

And you're having??

Re: Sunday Dinner?? - HomeCulinarian - 08-03-2008

I'm making the Chicken Kababs with pineapple rice from Weeknight Grilling. Haven't tried this one yet.

Re: Sunday Dinner?? - Trixxee - 08-03-2008

We have leftover ribeye. They only thing that's coming to mind is beef stroganoff (and that sounds HEAVY).

Anyone have any other ideas? The meat just had basic S&P, garlic & onion powder on it when we grilled it so there isn't any dominant seasoning going on already.

Re: Sunday Dinner?? - Old Bay - 08-03-2008

I'm having leftover beef tenderloin which I'm going to try and keep medium rare.
Two weeks ago I went on a strict low carb diet for five days to jump start my goal of losing 15 to 20 lbs. After that I went to ,I guess you would say, limited portions and very few white carbs and no snacking. In 14 days I've dropped 7 lbs.
This leads up to the fact that I have some fresh okra left and Jane doesn't like it any way but fried. She'll be home tomorrow. I'm going to use it up--maybe some more okra and tomatoes to go with the beef. Any suggestions?

Re: Sunday Dinner?? - cjs - 08-03-2008

Bill, Bill, Bill....are you planning on wearing a thong on the cruise??????? (Do men wear thongs?? )

Re: Sunday Dinner?? - Old Bay - 08-03-2008


Bill, Bill, Bill....are you planning on wearing a thong on the cruise??????? (Do men wear thongs?? )

My goal is to look down and see my belt buckle!!! This diet will be over well before the cruise!

Re: Sunday Dinner?? - firechef - 08-03-2008

I am making a garlic three-cheese and beef marinara to top some spaghettini I have drying in the kitchen this morning. We are having garlic bread if it comes out right. I added grated Parmesan and dried granulated garlic to the dough as I was mixing the dry ingredients yesterday and it seems to have risen nicely. It is amazing what you can do with four and a half days off in a row...

Re: Sunday Dinner?? - Emmasmum - 08-03-2008

I am making the grilled cesar salad for dinner (sandwiches & salads ). We are high 90s again today. It is too hot fir anything heavy. I made the taco salad from the same book and it was so good. I swear the spiced sour cream tasted just like when you add the package of taco seasoning but better because I knew exactly whatcwent into it.

Re: Sunday Dinner?? - cjs - 08-03-2008

"I swear the spiced sour cream tasted just like when you add the package of taco seasoning but better because I knew exactly whatcwent into it."

hmmmm, I'll have to check that out.

Re: Sunday Dinner?? - Gourmet_Mom - 08-03-2008

I've got that Caesar marked. I'd love to know what you think. I was planning to double the dressing and marinate the chicken in it. HOLY COW! I just finished reading your post. I'm making the Taco Salad tomorrow night. I am soooo glad to hear it is good! WHEW! This was going to be a stretch for William. Especially since I've served two other salads in the past two days.

This brings me to tonight's plans! To make up for all the salads this week, I'm making the Guinness Pot Roast. Like Bill said yesterday, I'll just crank the air back...LOL! I'm planning to make REAL mashed taters if William remembers to dig potatoes and use up the rest of my napa cabbage in a quick saute. Poor William has been such a trooper with all the experimental stuff lately...LOL! And after today's lunch....YUCK!

We had quit trying to eat out after church because the only thing available was buffet. William finally got tired of the greasy fried seafood. But then we saw that a new place opened. Gave it a try....wished we hadn't. The menu was printed out on folded printer paper. The meats were a choice of stew beef with rice, baked chicken, or turkey and dressing. Then there were a few country veggies, and a choice between two desserts. ALL of it tasted and looked like it came out of a can, a bag, frozen, or a box. No kidding. the girl took our order, William went to the restroom and our lunch was at the table before he could get back. To top it off, I noticed a lipstick print on his tea glass right before we left....EWWWWW! We won't be back.

Sorry for the long post, but I just HAD to share that experience. I know the place is new, but I don't see a lot of the problems improving. William and I discussed it after leaving. This is what the locals expect for Sunday dinner. Even though William will complain he'd like to have something "normal" for dinner from time to time...even he said, "That's not it."

I guess our normal is far different from what people around here expect...LOL! It's no wonder William's friends are always asking what he had or is having for dinner and their wives have misconceptions about my cooking.