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? Food Saver - esgunn - 08-03-2008

Do any of you use your food saver for freezing breads/buns? I have a lot of buns leftover from our big summer party and I don't want them to go to waste or to get freezer burn.

Do I flash freeze and then seal as normal, do I do the instant seal? I turned it to sealing time 2 and tried that way but it just squashed them.


Re: ? Food Saver - Old Bay - 08-03-2008

I just freeze mine in a bag--the pressure in the food saver bag is too great. I don't think it would help that much anyway.

Re: ? Food Saver - labradors - 08-03-2008

Agreed. The vacuum of the food saver would probably cause the bag to crush the bread, especially if it has a softer crust.

Re: ? Food Saver - Mare749 - 08-03-2008

Erin, I made the mistake of thinking I could put fresh buns into the foodsaver bags and even went as far as vacuum packing. The buns were instantly turned into hard little pancakes! Don't know what I was thinking. Hubbie said maybe I could freeze the buns first, then use the food saver, but I haven't tried that. I just put them into ziplocs instead. Let us know what you decide or if you "experiment."

Re: ? Food Saver - labradors - 08-03-2008

Generally, bread freezes pretty well, any way.

Re: ? Food Saver - cjs - 08-04-2008

I've frozen rolls and used the Food Saver on them after - it works if you stop the machine just as it starts 'vacuuming'

Re: ? Food Saver - chef_Tab - 08-04-2008

I know it is tedious, but I individually wrap baked goods in plastic wrap and then place them into a ziploc. Air is the culprit.