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Review Drunken Pork Kebobs - esgunn - 08-08-2008

This is from the Cuisine Tonight Grilling book. Drunken Pork Kebobs with Maque Choux.

This was very good and we will make again. Perfect summer meal. The kebabs are pork tenderloin and onion with a bourbon BBQ sauce. The Maque Choux (Have no idea how to say this one) is corn, bacon, red bell pepper, onion cream and tabasco - YUMMY. Wasn't really sure I would like it, but it was good. I made one change, didn't have fresh orange juice for the BBQ sauce, so used a combo of fresh lemon and some canned mango juice - weird combo, but it sure tasted like it belonged.

HC - reviewed this one too and she said they liked it. Couln't find the review - but am pretty sure I got it right that it was HC and they liked it!

Re: Review Drunken Pork Kebobs - Gourmet_Mom - 08-08-2008

Funny, I keep going back to that one. It just looks so good with those "roasted" onions between those charred chunks of pork. Thanks for the review. I'll be considering this one for next week's blow out! After tomorrow night's corn, peppers, and bean salad, I'm thinking the Maque Choux might be better long as I call it something "normal", like corn salad....LOL! Thanks again!

Re: Review Drunken Pork Kebobs - firechef - 08-08-2008

Since I am "banned" from getting ANY more cook books and get daily complaints about my magazines I must ask pretty pretty please for someone to post this one. I would like the Kebobs and the Maque Choux as well as I am curious how this recipe compares to what I use as a more traditional Creole side dish.

So if anyone has the ability to post this combo I would be very grateful...thanks in advance!

Re: Review Drunken Pork Kebobs - Gourmet_Mom - 08-08-2008

Well sweetie, depending on what's up with your potentially smartie thread I just spied about school..didn't see it all...I MAY post it for you tomorrow. I'd do it now, but I don't have it typed into MC yet.

Re: Review Drunken Pork Kebobs - firechef - 08-08-2008


Re: Review Drunken Pork Kebobs - Dismc - 08-08-2008

The Macque Choux is one of our favorite recipes. I make it often as a main course with leftover cubed roast beef or steak and cubed potatoes added. At the end we splash on Frank's Hot Sauce. It's a great quick dinner and good for leftovers.

Re: Review Drunken Pork Kebobs - HomeCulinarian - 08-08-2008

Erin, you are right on. We really liked this menu and will make it again. This was the one with the bourbon bbq sauce.... I've been buying sweet corn and freezing it so I can make it again, and the corn chowder.

Re: Review Drunken Pork Kebobs - cjs - 08-09-2008

hmmmm, I know I've been saying I'd better buy this one. Sounds really good, Erin and HC.

Re: Review Drunken Pork Kebobs - firechef - 08-09-2008

I know Mom isn't going to post these recipes for me so I'll ask if anyone else can for me? I know it is a pain but I am about to post one I tried tonight for Holly and I...

Re: Review Drunken Pork Kebobs - esgunn - 08-09-2008

LJ, I meant to post this earlier today. Sorry, my days seem to get away from me. I'll go type it up and send it tonight.