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Thanks Jean! - Gourmet_Mom - 08-11-2008

We had your Red Beans and Rice tonight! YUM! I think I made it once before using the Zataran (sp?) box, but don't remember it being memorable. This was memorable! THANKS, again! I fixed cornbread and pulled out the leftover Black Bean Fiesta Salad and potato salad from yesterday. What a great quick meal. This is definitely a keeper for this fall! William sends his thanks, too! (The employee was here as well. I doubled the recipe and they ate it ALL! I'm glad I'm not working with those two tomorrow...LOL! )

I'm using the leftover ham Wednesday using your Sassy Bourbon and Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce. I figure that will make it a little different and keep it from seeming like leftovers. I'll freeze the bone for soup later this fall. I need to be sure to label it so it won't go to the dog or the garbage....LOL!

Re: Thanks Jean! - bjcotton - 08-12-2008

Ya know, for a white haired woman, she does come up with something good on occasion don't she? Bless your heart Jean!

Re: Thanks Jean! - cjs - 08-12-2008

I'm so glad you liked them - haven't made them for a while, sounds good. Haven't done the Sassy Bourbon and Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce for a long, long time either!

Go find your room, BillyJ!