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Need advice on my freezer - chef_Tab - 08-15-2008

Last night the freezer door was left ajar all night. I have a side by side with ice and water in the door. I woke up to a small pond in the kitchen. I dumped all the ice from the ice keeper as it was just one big lump. Everything inside the freezer now has icy "peach fuzz" on it as well as the sides and top of the interior of the freezer itself. It reminds me of when my mom would need to defrost the freezer. Do I need to defrost, or will this take care of itself in time? I really did not need this today!

Re: Need advice on my freezer - Gourmet_Mom - 08-15-2008

For some reason, I had a puddle develop at the bottom of my side by side that turned into a HUGE block of ice. I finally took everything out and gently broke up the ice. But this was a large block. In your case, it very likely will take care of itself.

Re: Need advice on my freezer - cjs - 08-15-2008

My vote is you'll have to defrost - sounds like you didn't have any thawing of food tho, that's good!

Re: Need advice on my freezer - chef_Tab - 08-15-2008

Thanks gals! I have one of those busy days ahead of me. My daughter is coming in with friends from college so I need to clean, grocery shop, and cook lots of food. I was wondering how I would get it all done before the freezer fiasco. I have to admit, I thought of poor Daphne and those "Lucy episode" days she had recently. This is when I wish I had magical powers. Maybe if I just go to bed, it will all turn out to be a bad dream?!

Re: Need advice on my freezer - Gourmet_Mom - 08-15-2008

How fun! Are they staying all weekend? I sure hope this is just a one time thing. I'm sure the weekend will go great! It seems my curse has passed...thankfully! (Now watch. Now that I've said that, those fried pies are going to turn into a nightmare.)

Re: Need advice on my freezer - chef_Tab - 08-15-2008

Yes, they will be here till Sunday night. I know we will have fun, I just hate the preparations. I know I am an person to even bother cleaning. I am sure those pies will be awesome. Go knock on wood just to be safe! I am throwing salt over my shoulder as we speak! haha

Re: Need advice on my freezer - bjcotton - 08-15-2008

If given lemons, make lemonade or White Pepper, Ginger and Lemon Cake. Completely defrost and clean it. That's what I did when my BIL left the freezer door open. It's one of those things you mean to "get around" to one of these days.

Re: Need advice on my freezer - HomeCulinarian - 08-15-2008

If you didn't have a house full this weekend, I'd recommend cleaning out the freezer and using what's still good. Since you have other plans ... Murphy's Law at work here... I'd just deal with it later.

Re: Need advice on my freezer - chef_Tab - 08-15-2008

I think I need to deal with it LATER, just for sanity's sake. If I am lucky, the problem will be gone. For now I am cleaning bathrooms. Please dont be jealous! haha.

Re: Need advice on my freezer - DFen911 - 08-15-2008

Tab we went thru the same thing. I have a full upright freezer and the door got left ajar due to a bag blocking it.

All the foods were thawed but still cold so I knew they were safe to cook.

So all weekend I cooked up all the meats that were in there and then packaged them in foodsaver bags. Lol I didn't have to cook for 2 weeks.