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Speaking of Lorraine :grin: - bjcotton - 08-19-2008

I just spoke with her on the telephone also. I was wondering why she was packing so soon since she had a couple of years until she retires {or so I thought]. I was wrong, she retires on December 31 of this year. No wonder the old lady is packing. Of course if it were up to me, I'd probably start packing on the 29th of December.

I presently have 3 packing lists going, one for Jean and Roy who I'll be visiting around the 20th of September, one for Sharon and Bob who I'll be visiting sometime, and one for my brother Dave and his wife Jackie who live near Jean and Roy who I'll be spending Thanksgiving with. I also have to begin one for Marilee who I'll see on about the 25th of August [I'm watching their dogs while they go to see their son]. I'm a great one for lists which I tend to ignore when the time comes. I've got to go now and package Gil and Lorraine's wedding gift so I can send it as soon as I get Gil's address.

Re: Speaking of Lorraine :grin: - Gourmet_Mom - 08-19-2008

I know what you mean Billy! I'm one that waits to the last minute...I have a spurt at the beginning, but if, for some reason, I can't finish right away, I put off the rest until the VERY end.

Good for you Lorraine! I did put those mags in the box after you recorded the recipes to make...right?

I can't wait 'til you're in VA full time! Then, we'll have TWO brains to pick...all at one time! There is a time delay...right?

Not to mention the fact that I STILL want to go up there...specifically for Mother's Day!

Re: Speaking of Lorraine :grin: - Lorraine - 08-20-2008

" I'd probably start packing on the 29th of December. "

I plan on being down there on Dec 29th.

I have always been a "list" person, but with the retirment, moving, wedding reception etc, I have more lists / folders hanging around than ever! Right now I'm deciding what to take versus what to turf / give away. And, I'm starting to send some stuff down that I want to be there when I get there, rather than waiting until the bigger stuff is shipped. There's some cookbooks you just can't live without!!

Re: Speaking of Lorraine :grin: - firechef - 08-20-2008

So there is no reason you can't enjoy your time until shortly after Christmas? I'm a big planner, it looks good on paper you know!

Re: Speaking of Lorraine :grin: - cjs - 08-20-2008

I'm so glad that's all behind me!! They have to carry me out of this house feet first!

Re: Speaking of Lorraine :grin: - firechef - 08-20-2008

Funny, we are hearing all about Lorraine packing and shipping but what about Gil's list of things to move, store, hide or just plain get rid of to make room??? I am not too far removed from turning my home from a "bachelor's pad" to a family home. It is a lot of work for both sides of the relationship just like marriage itself...Good luck to you Lorraine and good luck to Mr. Lorraine too!!!

Re: Speaking of Lorraine :grin: - cjs - 08-20-2008

Oh yeah, Gil has a lot to do - move upstairs....think he can handle that job.

Re: Speaking of Lorraine :grin: - bjcotton - 08-20-2008

I don't know Jean. They were "making do" without wet/dry measuring cups and spoons until I sent them a set of each. Wouldn't it be great if we could all descend on them and have it done within a day?

Re: Speaking of Lorraine :grin: - Lorraine - 08-20-2008

Gil's moving Sept 1 upstairs to a new apartment (with lots more space) so, he gets to move everything that's there now. Bad timing, as the next 10 weeks are crazy busy for them, and he found out one of his cooks is leaving next week. I think I'll be doing most of the unpacking when I go visit in October. Unless he doesn't hire a new cook by then, in which case I'll be pealing spuds or something.

Billy, I'll have lots of measuring utensils once I send my stuff down, as you also sent me some!! If ya'll come to visit, bring paint brushes, two of the rooms need painting.