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Pork Loin vs. Tenderloin? - Gourmet_Mom - 08-22-2008

I want to make the Drunken Pork Kebobs for dinner tonight, but the local store didn't have the tenderloin. I got a loin instead...I'll just make a roast and some chops with the excess. It was on sale, so why not. Do you think I'll be terribly disappointed? Should I brine them or something? I've got a couple hours before I need to put them on.

Re: Pork Loin vs. Tenderloin? - pjcooks - 08-22-2008

I'd brine them, Daphne. T-Loin is a different creature, so to speak. I'd cube them and then brine, it shouldn't take too long, maybe 30 min or so.

Hope it turns out good!

How's work going, I have 2 days left of my Va-Ka and I'm not looking forward to going back.


Re: Pork Loin vs. Tenderloin? - Gourmet_Mom - 08-22-2008

Well, I had today off, but Monday it starts for real...the kids will be there...YIKES. I still can't believe admin. decided to have the first week a WHOLE week.

Thanks for the advice. I knew it would be less tender, just didn't know if I had time to brine...LOL! Didn't think of cutting before brining...DUH!

Re: Pork Loin vs. Tenderloin? - HomeCulinarian - 08-22-2008

You'll enjoy this recipe! The sauce is yummy.

Re: Pork Loin vs. Tenderloin? - bjcotton - 08-22-2008

Yes it is less tender and a drier cut of meat. Brining will help with the moisture though.