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Pork Roulades Remembered - farnfam - 08-24-2008

OH YUM again! Did these pork roulades again after a day on the water. It's from Issue 57 and they are ever good.
Some subs I made were. Spinach instead of Arugala and NY sharp cheddar instead of Fontina. They were really wonderful. Served with the angel hair pasta with lemon and buttery pine nuts as suggested. I also did our favorite Spring mix salad with chopped smoked almonds, strawberry slices and gorganzola crumbles, dressed with our own grapefruit dressing. What a great dinner!
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Re: Pork Roulades Remembered - Gourmet_Mom - 08-24-2008

I may be revisiting some things soon, and this is one...I think I may have a better handle on "sealing them" now. The flavors were really good though. I did sub the spinach for the arugula, but used fontina...very good!

After looking back at my first review of this, I realize I was not nearly as impressed as I was with the chicken roulades...which I have made a couple times since "finding" them. To be fair, though, I made this within days of the chicken and had a LOT of cheese seep out. Also, I did the recommended sides, but burned the pine nuts...guess I need to try this again.

Re: Pork Roulades Remembered - mlucas1 - 08-24-2008

that sounds good! I'm going to have to look at that recipe again. (the pork loin I bought was 9lbs! I cut it into 3 3lb "roasts".)

Re: Pork Roulades Remembered - Gourmet_Mom - 08-24-2008

Meg, thanks for reminding me, I got a whole loin for the Drunken Pork Kebobs and half that or more is in the freezer right now!

Re: Pork Roulades Remembered - HomeCulinarian - 08-24-2008

I always buy a whole loin and cut it in +/- 2# pieces to freeze for later use. It really is a versital cut - use it for chops, roasts, stew meat for white chili... It's usually a good buy at Sam's.

Re: Pork Roulades Remembered - esgunn - 08-24-2008

Those roulades were great. I need to make them again - and I used spinach too with the Fontina.

I buy the porkloin and cut it in 1 pound pieces for Weiner Schniztle, or in 3 pound pices for pulled pork. I get 7 or 8 pound roasts from either costco or the local grocery when they have it on sale for $1.99 a pound.

Re: Pork Roulades Remembered - cjs - 08-25-2008

...and you can save a chunk of the loin to make some Cadadian bacon

Re: Pork Roulades Remembered - Gourmet_Mom - 08-25-2008

Jean, that's my Thanksgiving treat. I'm hoping to get another smoker by then. I can smoke on my grill, but it's a pain and some of the flavor escapes. So I've decided to expand the family on the deck!

Re: Pork Roulades Remembered - Trixxee - 08-26-2008

Another thing I've never attempted - pork loin. Plenty of tenderloin but I'm always afraid the loin will be dry. I need to expand my horizons and give one a try.

Re: Pork Roulades Remembered - cjs - 08-26-2008

Trixxee, it sometimes can be dry - good idea to think about brining.