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Spanish Cooking, Anyone? - Lorraine - 09-06-2008

Is anyone familiar with it? I'm not, but I found a book ( The New Spanish Table) in the basement last weekend that I had bought a few years ago, so spent most of the weekend going through it. It went through the various areas of Spain, and described the foods and wines of each region. The recipes sounded great, many very easy to make, although I was unfamiliar with many of the ingredients. So, since the first part was dedicated to Tapas, and I know Gil loves tapas, I thought of a Christmas gift for him. The back of the book gives sources for ingredients, utensils etc, one of which was an online store ( based in Virginia. So, I promptly ordered him a cazuela (earthenware cooking vessel that I always wanted but didn't know the name), some paprika paste, and roasted piquillo peppers (not a clue what they are, but they were used in a lot of recipes). When I asked him if was familiar with Spanish cooked, he said "Yes, I have a great cookbook, The New Spanish Table, and I got a box in the mail today with some great stuff in it". Guess I should have asked him first, and told him not to open the package! I can't wait to try some of the recipes.

Re: Spanish Cooking, Anyone? - Old Bay - 09-06-2008

There are more variations on paella than you can count, the same goes for gazpacho. Pimenton (smoked paprika) is ubiquitous --Rioja wine is one of the best in the world. Their cured ham and fine cheeses rival those of Italy. Some say their olive oil is the best in the world. I love Spanish cooking--as far as europian cuisines go I rank them as follows--Italian, French, Spanish, Belgian, German, and eastern europian.

Re: Spanish Cooking, Anyone? - Mare749 - 09-06-2008

Sounds fascinating, Lorraine. Can't wait to hear about some of the dishes you experiment with. Now I need to go look at that cooking vessel! What a great gift to send Gil.

Re: Spanish Cooking, Anyone? - Lorraine - 09-06-2008

Maryann, here's the link to the cazuelas:


Bill, they had some interesting variations of paella and gazpacho. It should be a fun January.

Re: Spanish Cooking, Anyone? - Harborwitch - 09-06-2008

I love Spanish cooking and I've ordered from La Tienda a few times. We had a wonderful paella party when we were on the Island. Everyone brought one of the ingredients, it was so good. Hmmmmm - I have a book with a small section on Spanish food. I guess I'm going to have to get myself in trouble and order the book too.

Re: Spanish Cooking, Anyone? - Mare749 - 09-06-2008

Those are gorgeous! Something for the wish list.

Re: Spanish Cooking, Anyone? - cjs - 09-06-2008

Love Spanish cooking and now we're in trouble -

"Appetizers & Tapas
71 tapas recipes
When you drop by a café in Spain before dinner, you find yourself in the midst of garrulous Spaniards relishing tapas -- a variety of small savory treats, served hot or cold. Tapas are the perfect introduction to the joy of Spanish cuisine. Buen Provecho! "

from the website.....

Re: Spanish Cooking, Anyone? - Harborwitch - 09-06-2008

I just left Amazon, bought the Spanish Table, a book on plank cooking, and one on smoking. Bob's gonna kill me.

Re: Spanish Cooking, Anyone? - Lorraine - 09-06-2008

" from the website.. "

Yup. He hasn't seen the website yet, but we both love tapas. I see lots in our future.

Re: Spanish Cooking, Anyone? - Mare749 - 09-06-2008

What amazes me is that when they show the tapas bars on the travel channel, those people are all eating and drinking for a couple of hours before they even go to dinner! How do they eat that much?