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Food & Drink Magazine (LCBO) - bjcotton - 09-09-2008

If you haven't subscribed to the LCBO Food & Drink magazine, you really don't know what you are missing. Most of my recipes I get from other people and some from CAH, but I copied 15 recipes out of one F&D and 12 from the current issue. My latest one was for Tart of Wils Leeks and Mushrooms in Garlic Cream. It just amazes me how many good sounding recipes they publish. Thanks Lolly for turning me on to it. CAH and the F&D are the only two magazines I subscribe to now.

Re: Food & Drink Magazine (LCBO) - iBcookin - 09-10-2008

Billy, I know we have discussed this before, but do you think you could give us the reference for ordering it. Sounds like something I should get for Chelsea.

Re: Food & Drink Magazine (LCBO) - Lorraine - 09-10-2008

Here's the thread we had on it whaile back.


I'm feeling like the poor relative here. I missed getting the last two issues. Glad Gil has them!

Re: Food & Drink Magazine (LCBO) - cjs - 09-10-2008

Love this magazine also.

Re: Food & Drink Magazine (LCBO) - bjcotton - 09-10-2008

It is well worth the subscription price! Besides the recipes it talks about wines, drinks, and the glossy pictures are well worth looking at, even the ads

Re: Food & Drink Magazine (LCBO) - farnfam - 09-10-2008

Here's the website link:

It's not as good as having a copy in your hand, but I love it. Billyj is right, there are sooo many lovely recipes there.

Re: Food & Drink Magazine (LCBO) - iBcookin - 09-10-2008

Thank you all! I knew you would come up with the info!

Re: Food & Drink Magazine (LCBO) - Calipoutine - 09-13-2008

wow, I can't believe how expensive it is for 6 issues. We get it free here in Ontario.

Re: Food & Drink Magazine (LCBO) - Gourmet_Mom - 09-13-2008

Welcome, Calipoutine! I hope you will join in our chats about food and drink! We like new brains to pick and we're alway willing to share.

Re: Food & Drink Magazine (LCBO) - bjcotton - 09-13-2008

Welcome Calipoutine! Isn't the last part of your screen name what you guys call French Fries with gravy on it? Hope you stick around so we can get to know you. Our resident Canadian in Toronto is deserting us to live in Virginia in December so we won't have anyone to tell us what's going on there.

Again, welcome Randi!