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On The Road Again - bjcotton - 09-16-2008

I will be leaving this AM for Portland to spend a couple of days with my lil' sis, then on Thursday morning, the 18th I will leave Portland for Jean & Roy's house where I will spend a few days stuffing my face. Jean said I didn't kneed to bring any clothes for "going out" since we would be cooking, visiting and having fun. I've already got the car loaded and am just having my breakfast/coffee before showering. I packed enough for about a 10 day roadtrip (as I usually do even if just staying overnight).

Re: On The Road Again - chef_Tab - 09-16-2008

Lucky, lucky you! Have a safe trip. You might want to take pants with expandable waistlines for your stay at Jeans! Take some pictures too!

Re: On The Road Again - Mare749 - 09-16-2008

Sounds good to me, Billy! Wish I was there to join in the fun. Sitting around, visiting, and eating at Jean's house, well, I don't think it could get much better than that! Have a safe trip and I know you will have a wonderful time. Be sure to post some pics of all the fun we're missing.


Re: On The Road Again - - 09-16-2008

Sounds like a fun trip you will be having, Billy!!! Enjoy yourself at Jean's!!!

Re: On The Road Again - Harborwitch - 09-16-2008

Give Jean & Roy big hugs from Bob and I. Wish we were going too. Alas! Say Hi to Bill and Jane. Be sure to eat lots and take lots and lots of pictures.

Have fun Sweetie!!!

Re: On The Road Again - Lorraine - 09-16-2008

" take pants with expandable waistlines "

Theresa, I call them my "buffet pants"

Have a great time, Billy! If you folks weren't at the other end of the country, we'd probably make a road trip.

Re: On The Road Again - bjcotton - 09-16-2008

I think it's called the "left coast." I brought sweats and some shorts that Sharon gave me...all are too big as it is, so maybe They'll fit when I leave ;grin:

Re: On The Road Again - pjcooks - 09-16-2008

Have a great time, everyone! It sounds like it will be lots of fun.

Remember to take lots of pictures and post them as soon as you can so we can all enjoy your trip with you!


Re: On The Road Again - luvnit - 09-16-2008

Awww that sounds like so much fun! I wish I were going to. I bet you all just have a ball.

Re: On The Road Again - Gourmet_Mom - 09-16-2008

AWWWWW! I hope to make that trip some day soon! I've got one more kid to "ditch" and the NW and Alaska are William's #1 destination! And you get to meet up with Bill and Jane, too! NO FAIR!

But really Billy, I am so happy you are up for the trip and I'm looking forward to picks and posts of it all! But especially, I'm looking forward to seeing you fill out those "britches"!

Have a safe trip and a GREAT time!