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Meeting Another C@Homer - cjs - 09-21-2008

We're off to Port Townsend Tuesday a.m. on the maiden voyage of the 'little' trailer and Marye and her husband are coming over from Whidbey to see us!! What a great week for meeting folks I feel like I already know.

By the way, I forgot to mention on the other thread - Billy J took pictures, so after they have been 'proofed for content' I'm sure he'll post them.....

Re: Meeting Another C@Homer - Gourmet_Mom - 09-21-2008

Looks like you two are busy, busy! For some reason, I thought you and Marye had already met. Tell her we said "HI!"

Re: Meeting Another C@Homer - firechef - 09-21-2008

Hey sure to post all of the ones of our "drunken matriarch" if the wine was flowing!!!

Glad everyone has had a good time so far and hope it continues until all of the trips and meetings are done!

Re: Meeting Another C@Homer - Lorraine - 09-21-2008

I'm feeling real lonely in my neck of the woods. Have a great time, folks!!!

Re: Meeting Another C@Homer - firechef - 09-21-2008

Tell me about it...a wee little bit out of the way from the 21st century where I live.

Re: Meeting Another C@Homer - mjkcooking - 09-22-2008

Hi everyone

won't this be fun to meet with the GRAND OLE Dame herself!!!!!

we are looking forward to our visit on Wednesday!

just made the ferrie reservations ( isn't that something up here - now we have

to make reservations to cross the sound. )


Re: Meeting Another C@Homer - cjs - 09-22-2008

"Grand Ole" - hey wait a minute....

Speaking of the ferries, Marye, you should have seen the lines of cars in Kingston going back over to Edmonds (Seattle) last evening. If Bill & Jane hadn't been walkons they probably would have waited for a 2nd or 3rd ferry! I'd never seen so many cars waiting - they were lined up out of town ( but, Kingston is not that big of a town...)

Re: Meeting Another C@Homer - mjkcooking - 09-25-2008


What a great day we had we went by ferry to Port Townsend - to see Jean and Roy.

We had a great day and lunch and even went to a Farmer's market.

Thoughly enjoyed meeting them. -

Hope to see them again soon.


Re: Meeting Another C@Homer - cjs - 09-25-2008

Yes, what a fun day! Don't think we stopped talking from the time they landed to when they left...

(I'm going back to buy the clock, Marye )

Re: Meeting Another C@Homer - mjkcooking - 09-25-2008

oh - liked that clock and try though beer battered french Fries too. !