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Ultimate Italian - Old Bay - 10-01-2008

This a Better Homes and Gardens special interest publication for 2008. Could be the best cookbook we ever picked up in a grocery store!! Really more creative than you would expect from BH&G. Look for it!

Re: Ultimate Italian - Lorraine - 10-01-2008

I bought one of theirs in 2005 (Simply Perfect Italian), and love it. There was a section on Vicki Sebastiani (Viansa Wineries, as well as one from Lidia Bastianich. It is such a fabulous magazine, I had wanted to give some as gifts, but never saw it again. saw it again. I'll look out for the one you bought. Thanks, Bill.

Re: Ultimate Italian - cjs - 10-01-2008

"(Simply Perfect Italian)" I have and love this one also, thanks to Lorraine!

Will look for it Bill - and thanks!

Re: Ultimate Italian - HomeCulinarian - 10-01-2008

I saw it at Sam's and didn't even scan it. Now I will... Thanx for the recommendation.

Re: Ultimate Italian - ktsrosie - 10-01-2008

I also saw it at Sams Club yesterday. Now I'll have to pick one up next time I'm there.

Re: Ultimate Italian - esgunn - 10-01-2008

Looked at Costco today and they didn't have it...

Re: Ultimate Italian - Gourmet_Mom - 10-01-2008

I just saw it at the grocery store the other day and almost picked it up, but was in a hurry. I'll be getting it later this week. Thanks Bill! We LOVE Italian.

BTW, my store had two with a similar name from BH&G. I'm gonna look over the other one also. Also, I think I finally figured out that the Sizzle book I got earlier in the summer was a BH&G special publication. Looks like they've got a good thing going.

Re: Ultimate Italian - farnfam - 10-01-2008

Do you mind if I ask how much? I've found it online and I want to make sure it's a good deal.

Re: Ultimate Italian - firechef - 10-02-2008

Gosh, I'm sure the "powers that be" around here are THRILLED to see us discussing a publication of their "rivals"...hehehe!

Re: Ultimate Italian - Lorraine - 10-02-2008

I paid $7.99 CDN for mine in 2005. I thought it steep, but it was well worth it.