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Enlarging ingredents. - mjkcooking - 10-01-2008

would anyone have a site where you can go and multiply the ingredients
on a recipe ?

I thought some one had a site for that. thanks


Re: Enlarging ingredents. - labradors - 10-01-2008

AllRecipes and RecipeZaar each have the feature of scaling or changing the number of servings.

Re: Enlarging ingredents. - mjkcooking - 10-01-2008

Thanks Labs

but guess I didn't explain my self - what i need to know is

how many servings or how much of a items will feed a certain amount of people.

Any help.


Re: Enlarging ingredents. - farnfam - 10-02-2008

Hi Marye, I looked a bit and found this
it's a start anyway

Re: Enlarging ingredents. - firechef - 10-02-2008

What are you trying to feed and to how many??? I have a guide to that in my day planner/calender that has all sorts of entrees and sides and such...I'm off the next two days so I'll be able to look it up if needed.

Re: Enlarging ingredents. - cjs - 10-02-2008

Marye, we discussed this book a while back and it is a good source for information such as this - Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen by Nicole Aloni. It would be a great help to you.

Re: Enlarging ingredents. - esgunn - 10-02-2008

I think PJ is the one who posted the site for someone. I didn't bookmark it. Maybe someone did?