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Friday's Dinner? - cjs - 10-03-2008

Had some sourdough getting a little hard, so made some garlic croutons and those that we haven't been nibbling on as we pass the darn bowl....need to be used in something. Searching MasterCook for "croutons" I ran across a recipe for Zucchini Jack Caserole that uses 1 cup of croutons - and of course the zucchini are still rollin' in, so this is what we're having for dinner tonight.

Not sure what else, maybe just a green salad with some of the croutons - but I do have to look at some dressings, I'm a little bored with my too-often used ones.....

What is everyone else up to?

Re: Friday's Dinner? - Old Bay - 10-03-2008

How about onion soup? Top it with croutons and Gruyere cheese.

Re: Friday's Dinner? - cjs - 10-03-2008

would be good also!

Re: Friday's Dinner? - firechef - 10-03-2008

We are going down to Ames to my future BIL's girlfriend's place at Iowa State and I have been selected to cook of course...

I am doing half chickens with a rosemary compound butter for under the skin while roasting and doing a Dijon sauce for after roasting. I am doing a cheesy mashed potato recipe from Holly's grandfather's sister that is older than all of us combined I am told and I am doing sweet butter corn that came off the cobb a few months back and is waiting for me to cook it. Cooking for college kids means they'll want beer in place of a good bottle of wine and cheap nasty beer at that...dang kids these days!

Re: Friday's Dinner? - HomeCulinarian - 10-03-2008

I have a piece of pork loin ready to stuff with a chorizo mix and a spice rub... another recipe Hubby found for me to make.

Re: Friday's Dinner? - Harborwitch - 10-03-2008

It is either a tamale Fatty or a big ol' 7 bone roast. We're supposed to get a really good rain tonight so pot roast sounds really really good.

Re: Friday's Dinner? - wheatleyp1 - 10-03-2008

Please share the chicken and mash potatoe recipe. Sounds great!

Re: Friday's Dinner? - Trixxee - 10-03-2008

BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Re: Friday's Dinner? - - 10-03-2008

lamb chops so far - not sure of sides yet -

Re: Friday's Dinner? - chef_Tab - 10-03-2008

It is one of those perfect days. Blue sky and 72 degrees. I think I will throw on some turkey brats and make grilled potato spears. Something easy to end the week.