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Jumped In - wheatleyp1 - 10-03-2008

Greetings to all and thanks again for your feedback. Just want to check back in with each of you and let you know I jumped in fully and purchased the Kenmore Elite Trio refrigerator. Interesting that is is made by LG and typically the Kenmore brands are made by Whirpool but since Whirpool now has Maytag, LG, Kitchenaid, Jenn Air, Amana and Kenmore under its umbrella others are now making the Kenmore brand. I purchased the French door bottom freezer with the ice and water through the door. I also purchased a Kenmore Elite dishwasher and an LG microwave. The microwave is interesting in that it opens with the door lifting up and it has the new glide feature as well as the carousel. I will keep you posted on how it works. Next project...upgrade to granite counters.

Re: Jumped In - cjs - 10-03-2008

"Reg Sales Director" - uhhh, are you the sales director for Kenmore, or its umbrella company, whomever that might be????

Is this kind of like Kraft folks coming on and getting us going on their products???? Please tell me I'm completely off base on this thinking and you are just another member of the C@H forum...

And, if you are just a consumer like the rest of us, would you tell me more about the microwave that has the door that lifts up, please? (if you are indeed a rep, forget it, I have my own reps that I can work with)

Re: Jumped In - firechef - 10-03-2008

If it is a "Kraft style rep" here at least he/she was kind enough to post in the Friday dinner thread and ask me nicely to post my chicken and potato recipes...which I did do as you have noticed.

Have not seen Kraft around here too much of late...maybe they took the hint or the powers that be got them out of here?? I am sure the same could be done to other "food related representatives" well.

Ditto on the microwave...if you are shopping them and not selling them that is.

Re: Jumped In - wheatleyp1 - 10-03-2008

I am not a Regional Director for Kenmore or any other appliance company. I am in the health industry and just a consumer like the rest of you looking for some guidance for appliances. I guess if I was a RD for Kenmore then Kenmore it would be...probably a pretty good discount if you work for them. I am not selling anything or looking to push anyone toward any specific product just trying to do my homework and some research.

As far as the microwave goes you can look on LG's website to get a better view. Here is the model information and a little bit about the features: Model : LMVM2277

2.2 cu.ft. Over the Range Oven

EasyUp™ Door
The revolutionary EasyUp™ door glides up to reveal an elegant blue interior and a large 2.2 cubic feet capacity oven.

The Glide-N-Spin™ cooking tray offers exceptional performance by ensuring the food is cooked evenly.

Re: Jumped In - cjs - 10-04-2008

Then I do apologize for assuming. All I can say is I'm usually so gullible, I'm normally the last to catch on when we are being led down the garden path. Hope you'll continue to add to our conversations!

The microwave does sound very interesting and I'm off to check this out - I have been looking to replace my old one. Thanks for the info. (Why am I having a complete blank as to what "LG" is?? )

Re: Jumped In - firechef - 10-04-2008

Our microwave is about to go kaput as one time it heats well the next time it doesn't heat at all...not good that it is used a lot due to the baby.

Holly cooks EVERYTHING in the microwave!!!