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Grocery Store Issues - luvnit - 10-06-2008

I know we have all commented on the price of groceries over the past year, but i have noticed that product availability is also changing.

Has anyone noticed this?

A lot of times I go to the store to fill my list and have what I would consider a semi-regular item (in this last case it was endive) only to discover they no longer carry it.

Please tell me if there is a substitute for endive.

There have been other items like this too. Just can't think of them right now. I will add them to the post when I do.

Here are some:

-certian mushrooms

Is everyone having trouble with the grocery stores these days?

Re: Grocery Store Issues - HomeCulinarian - 10-06-2008

I usually get most of my staples at the local Meijer store. They just reduced their meat case selections significantly and no longer carry Chorizo - which was on my list this week. I stopped at the local Mexican grocer to buy it. Actually, I felt good about supporting a small business and think I should do more of that anyway.

Don't know what a good substitute for Endive would be, tho.

Re: Grocery Store Issues - chef_Tab - 10-06-2008

I have had this problem, but I am not sure if in my case, it is due to location. The problem started for me when we moved from the Detroit metro area to the Kansas City area. I often have to stop at 3 different stores to get all the ingredients I need for a recipe, and even then I rarely get them all. Mushrooms are a good example. My choices are portabella and button. I have so many pet peeves about food shopping here, I could write a book. Don't get me started!

Re: Grocery Store Issues - Harborwitch - 10-06-2008

We shop at Costco (eggs, cheese, some meat & seafood, nuts, olive oil, and canned tomatoes etc.) Safeway gets our major business and we haven't seen too much change - except our shopping habits. We also hit the Asian supermarket or the Mexican supermarket depending on the menu.

We've got a good variety of stores so between them all we can usually find almost everything we need. Some things Bob has to pick up a Whole Foods (65 miles away - but where he frequently works) - usually odd things like coconut oil, frisee, and exotic veggies.

Re: Grocery Store Issues - esgunn - 10-06-2008

I can't think of the items right now, but I know sometimes I have a hard time finding things. With three kids in tow, stopping at two or three stores is just not going to happen. I usually wait to do the recipe or modify it. Often I'll have in my mental list I need something like Papradell or light coconut milk, finally run accross it, buy it and can't remember the recipe it is for !

My biggest complaint is finding the item - but only having one option. Usually in dried or canned goods. I was so happy to find San Marzano tomatoes at the commissary! I couldn't believe it! And they had two brands! In fact I think that is the ONLY store I have seen them in.

We do most of our bulk shopping at the commissary, so you just have to take what you can get. I know alot of people don't like Walmart, but I have found their prices are even better than the commissary at times.

I even stopped shopping at my favorite Top Foods because it is out of the way for me to go there and their prices are just higher on things. But they have really nice produce.

Re: Grocery Store Issues - luvnit - 10-06-2008


That is another one I couldn't find recently along with Brie! That should be fairly common right?

One more thing they eliminated was Chocolate Soy Milk in every brand! That just makes me go 'huh'?

Re: Grocery Store Issues - Trixxee - 10-06-2008

Imagine my surprise when my regular store was out of Top Sirloin. How does a store run out of beef? Other than that I haven't noticed too many missing items but I just wish I could fine all "my stuff" at one store. Like Boar's Head cold cuts, Cars graham crackers , Dreyer's coconut bars, 2% fat italian cheese blend, really good fresh baguettes, etc.

I'd have to go to three separate stores to get those items.

Re: Grocery Store Issues - cjs - 10-06-2008

Since Roy does 90% of the grocery shopping now, I guess I'm more aware of what the stores are not carrying - because he has to call me to ask where the h*ll do I find 'something'! But, I just attributed it to this little burg. huh.

One thing I do miss is frozen yogurt - I used to find the most interesting flavors in nonfat stuff and we loved it. Now, I'm lucky to find vanilla.

Re: Grocery Store Issues - farnfam - 10-06-2008

Can't ever find anything here that varies even a tiny bit from the "norm". And that includes what many people would consider the most mundane of items.
Funny story: I went to the local P&C to find a parsnip (note I am subbing a parsnip for another "odd" item that I can't remember now lol)
I find the parsnip and bring it up to the cash register, which is being manned by what looks like a 14yr old boy. He looks thoughtfully at the parsnip. And (while I know full well the kid meant rutabaga) he says, "Is that a Winnebago?"

Re: Grocery Store Issues - Harborwitch - 10-06-2008

I'm always stumping the checkers. Got home one time and discovered the checker had charged me for green onions - not the bunch of huge leeks, and rang the parsnips up as carrots.! I'm not driving back to the store to correct that!