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MUSICMAKER/Linda??? - cjs - 10-21-2008

Has anyone run across her on any websites lately? She left here a very unhappy person and since then she has been banned from (her name there was CakeDoctor).

I need to run her down - I just finished finally making mozzarella from her recipe and I have some questions about her instructions for next time.

I guess if no one knows of her anymore, I can look at the site posted by someone (? sorry) a couple weeks ago - I didn't at the time 'cause I've been planning on using her method.

Darn, wish folks would leave a forwarding address when they leave, even if it's in a huff.

Re: MUSICMAKER/Linda??? - pjcooks - 10-21-2008

Thought I might be able to help you out-she sent me a long pm re: wedding cakes a while back, hoped she might have left a contact but she didn't. She was very computer savvy, though, and knew a lot about computer security.

Sorry, she had some good information, didn't she?


Re: MUSICMAKER/Linda??? - cjs - 10-21-2008

yes, she sure did, but what a pain in the rear! Oh well, I'll go search that other thread and see what they have to say.

By the way, the mozzarella is so easy and so tasty - but I'm going to have to order the lipase powder, nowhere to be found around here. But, I was able to get raw milk!!

Guess we'll just hae to have pizza tonight to try this out.... sigh....

Re: MUSICMAKER/Linda??? - esgunn - 10-21-2008

I did not remember that she left in a huff. Hmmm. I was just thinking about her the other day. I ran across her suggestions to me for the lemon rasperry muffins, to make them better. She was very helpful to me. I hope she hasn't left us.

Jean, did you try to PM her?

Re: MUSICMAKER/Linda??? - cjs - 10-21-2008

No, she hasn't been back since the "virgin mary" incident.

Re: MUSICMAKER/Linda??? - BarbaraS - 10-21-2008


No, she hasn't been back since the "virgin mary" incident.


Re: MUSICMAKER/Linda??? - HomeCulinarian - 10-21-2008

Out of curiousity, I looked at her last few posts and can't remember or figure out what happened. I thought she was a great resource. Wish she'd give the forum another look. Maybe if she's lurking, she'll check in again if she knows she's been missed.