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Great Restaurant - wheatleyp1 - 11-01-2008

Greetings to all...WOW I have a lot to catch up on. I have been traveling for work as this is a busy time as we wrap up the year and plan for 09. During my travels I went to a great restaurant in Phoenix called Lon's at the Hermosa. It is an authentic hacienda, the only one remaining in Arizona and has an interesting history in that Lon was the person who created the artwork with the horse taking the last sip of water that is found inside the Stetson hats. The ambience was incredible and the food was very good. Another interesting find was Ceviche's in Tampa near the bay it is a fabulous Tapas bar.

Re: Great Restaurant - cjs - 11-01-2008

hmmm, will have to add to our Arizona section of the travel notebook.

Re: Great Restaurant - chef_Tab - 11-01-2008

Hmmm, I will be in Tampa for Thanksgiving! Great to have a recommendation. Thanks!