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OT-Computer problems - bjcotton - 11-28-2008

I have been cursing my DSL provider because I have to reboot the modem several times a day. Yesterday I was on the phone with them for about an hour and they decided that the problem was with my computer, not the DSL. They showed the DSL working perfectly but my computer wasn't sending any data to it. So, I guess I'll have to take my computer in for a checkup. Funny though that it happened with both my laptop and desktop both. Oh well, my patience and get up and go have both got up and went...where I don't know.

Re: OT-Computer problems - Gourmet_Mom - 11-28-2008

Hey, Billy, is your laptop wireless? If so, and your desktop is the base and the source of the problem, wouldn't that cause the laptop to malfunction? I really don't know that much about computer hardware, just thinking out loud.

Re: OT-Computer problems - DFen911 - 11-28-2008

I agree..I find it very odd that both would go out at the same time. If you are using wireless do you reboot the router along with the modem?

Do you have a family member that has a laptop that you could bring over and try for a day or two?

Re: OT-Computer problems - labradors - 11-28-2008

Hooking up more than one computer may be done in one of two ways. Either the Internet source goes into a router, and the computers connect through the router (wireless or wired), or the Internet source goes into one computer, and the other computer connects through the first computer. Unless your desktop has a special, separate, internal card for the DSL AND still has another network connection available, or your desktop happens to have a special card that makes it a "wireless access point," or your desktop has more than one network card, your laptop is not going to the desktop through connection sharing.

That would suggest that you probably DO have a router, or that the two computers are, somehow, able to connect directly to the DSL modem (usually by having one use a network cable and the other use a USB cable). Sometimes, routers can get a little "spaced out," leaving the computers that are attached to them thinking that there is no Internet connection. If you DO have a router - that is, a separate box BETWEEN the DSL modem and the computers, it should be rebooted, too. In case you haven't followed all the necessary steps, here they are, IN ORDER (if you are using a power strip, don't just use its switch - follow this order exactly):
  1. Shutdown the computers.
  2. Unplug the power cord to the router.
  3. Unplug the power cord to the modem.
  4. Verify that all the network wires are connected properly.
  5. Wait 30 seconds.
  6. Plug in the power cord for the modem.
  7. Wait for the status lights to settle down - at least 30 seconds. Remember that the status light for the computer side of things will not be on yet, since the router and computers are not on yet.
  8. Plug in the power cord for the router.
  9. Wait for those status lights to settle down. Again, remember that the computers are not on yet, so the lights representing computer activity on the router won't do anything yet. Since you HAVE turned on the router, though, the "computer" lights on the modem may show some activity as the router initialises.
  10. NOW start up the computers, giving them time to get fully started, especially if you are running firewall and/or anti-virus programs (as you should be).
  11. Start up a web browser and try to go to a known website.
Again, if you DO have a separate router, and you've only been rebooting the modem (and computers) but not the router, then it could, very well, be the router that is keeping things from working properly, and the above steps should either fix the problem or at least provide more information for further troubleshooting.

Good luck!

Re: OT-Computer problems - bjcotton - 11-29-2008

My DSL modem hooks by ethernet to my desktop and wirelessly to my laptop. I've shut 'em all down, unplugged, replugged started the modem and then the computers. I've about given up. Maybe I'll start writing letters again

Re: OT-Computer problems - Gourmet_Mom - 11-29-2008

Billy, have you tried hooking your modem to the laptop and skipping the PC. If the PC has the problem, you may be able to work from the laptop.

Re: OT-Computer problems - bjcotton - 11-29-2008

The laptop is too OLD and SLOW. I need a new one. My desktop is under warruanty, so I'll have them check it out.

Re: OT-Computer problems - labradors - 11-29-2008

You don't happen to be using Comcast, do you? I can't say I've heard a good thing about them, yet.