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Friday's Dinner - December 19th - cjs - 12-19-2008

Today's one of my babies' birthdays - he's 47...NO, that can't be right.

Tonight is another Cooking Light night - Balsamic-Glazed Chix Sandwiches with red onions and goat cheese. and Antipasto salad - also C.L.

Also marinating overnight a flank steak to test an old recipe - Black Diamond Steak. Anyone ever heard of it? Probably buttered noodles with it or l/o risotto, maybe.

What are you all up to?

Re: Friday's Dinner - December 19th - firechef - 12-19-2008

I am stuck at home with the baby as the sitter is closed and my luncheon canceled for today and the night one is pretty dang easy for the staff on hand. Therefore they are living without a mid-shift Chef so I am going through a couple of cookbooks that arrived in the mail over the last few days (didn't order them and when I called to complain they said sorry and said to keep them for the trouble and stress of wondering why I had two new books with bills of $35.00 each with them!) so if I find something I like I will send Holly to the store to get what I need.

Will think of something...

Re: Friday's Dinner - December 19th - Mare749 - 12-19-2008

I made two big sheets of pizza for tonight, using Jean's recipe for dough and the "Garlic Lover's Recipe" for sauce. Tonight is another cookie baking night with two of my grandbabies and my 12 year old niece, so I wanted to make something that would be fast, easy, and keep the little ones happy.

I'll make a romaine salad for Ron and I, and probably give the girls veggie sticks and ranch dressing, since none of them are very fond of salad yet.

Tomorrow night, we are going with my daughter Holly and her family, and we're taking Alyssa, to drive through Blossom Music Center(it's an outdoor concert area) to see all the Christmas light displays that various local companies sponsor. I'm thinking of making sub sandwiches and a thermos of hot cocoa for that outing.

Re: Friday's Dinner - December 19th - firechef - 12-19-2008

Nice hot meatball or sausage and onions and peppers with melted cheese and the cocoa would be wonderful. Too bad my Holly isn't your daughter Holly because that sounds like fun!

Re: Friday's Dinner - December 19th - cjs - 12-19-2008

"Garlic Lover's Recipe" ..... ummmm, do we know that recipe, Mare?

Re: Friday's Dinner - December 19th - labradors - 12-19-2008

That could be just about any recipe used by many of the forum members!

Just thinking about the subject brings back memories of a pizza place (no longer there) in Florida that included freshly sliced garlic (and a VERY generous amount thereof) as one of the toppings one could select. These were wide, but thin slices of garlic, not little slivers. YUMMMMMMMM!

Re: Friday's Dinner - December 19th - firechef - 12-19-2008

We have a place like that in Ames that puts garlic on the menu as a topping. Great Plains Sauce and Dough dang pizza I have ever had. Love their whole wheat crust. Get to the end and put honey on it and you have dessert as well...

Re: Friday's Dinner - December 19th - chef_Tab - 12-19-2008

Tonight is the beef bolognese with the creamy polenta night. We are having company for dinner, I always swear NOT to try something new on company, yet I continue to do it anyway. I am nowhere near ready for Christmas either. I think I will have a nervous breakdown. Is it five o'clock somewhere????

Re: Friday's Dinner - December 19th - firechef - 12-19-2008

Christmas??? I am going shopping on Monday since that is a payday and when Holly's big present (a remote start for her Trail Blazer) is being taken care of. I am sure it is five o'clock somewhere so relax and enjoy. It is Friday too I think?!

Re: Friday's Dinner - December 19th - cjs - 12-19-2008

yes, it is! time to have a glass of wine. You'll be fine - Your dishes will be loved by all!! Go get 'em.