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Leftover Dinner Tonight? Dec. 26th - cjs - 12-26-2008

With all the leftovers floating around, tonight's dinners ought to be really interesting. (Just saw 3 anons looking at "Prime Rib Leftovers" thread)

I think I'm going to make some kind of soup to use up the noodles, bones and jus from the duck last night. Maybe some of the Chinese buns (kung bao?? shoot, can't remember right now what they are....)

What are you all doing?

Re: Leftover Dinner Tonight? Dec. 26th - firechef - 12-26-2008

With Kambree sick I didn't do the Greek Pasta at home or in Des Moines so I am doing it tonight. Holly loves the stuff so it will be one last Christmas gift for her.

Now lunch for me today is going to be hit or miss since we didn't host anything for the Holidays seeing how we are a few weeks away from moving. Might have some left over chips and sweet corn salsa and some of Holly's Aunt's cookies...maybe.

Re: Leftover Dinner Tonight? Dec. 26th - Gourmet_Mom - 12-26-2008

My niece shared the holiday with was good to have her back! She lives close to DD and they took most of the leftovers home with them. I did such a good job planning, there really wasn't much left anyway. (Except for the "tail" piece of the tenderloin hiding in my freezer for New Year's dinner.)

Every time I opened the fridge last night, I was shocked...LOL! It looks barren. Luckily, Mom picked up a ham on sale, but didn't cook it. William split it four ways last night so the girls and Mom could cook up a piece and one for us. I also snagged the bone for us. I'll probably bake up our piece of the ham and do some potato something. We'll see.

Re: Leftover Dinner Tonight? Dec. 26th - Trixxee - 12-26-2008

The rib eyes we had last night were embarrassingly huge so there is quite a bit leftover. I think we're just going to make some soft steak tacos out of it and black beans. I've got some flour tortillas, half of a red pepper and cilantro that needs to be used.

Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's dinner? My husband is going to make a bolognese sauce he saw Tyler Florence make yesterday. Looked really good.

Re: Leftover Dinner Tonight? Dec. 26th - firechef - 12-26-2008

Soft Steak Tacos??? When are we eating??? You'd think I'd be sick of that stuff as we have had Mexican inspired meals for a few meals now...

Re: Leftover Dinner Tonight? Dec. 26th - Harborwitch - 12-26-2008

Bob and I were getting geared to go visit some friends when one of our "brothers" from the old "Island" days called and wanted to come over. He brought 4 huge chicken breasts and a beautiful bag of bok choy. Asian grilled chicken breasts, garlic noodles with bok choy. Now I still have two lovely New York's for tonight and a huge piece of piggy to get ready for tamale making tomorrow.

Re: Leftover Dinner Tonight? Dec. 26th - HomeCulinarian - 12-27-2008

Colorado daughter and son-in-law are here and wanted Asian food for dinner. So, I obliged. We had the vegetable fried brown rice with spicy shrimp (from Cuisine for Two - doubled) and Teriyaki Strip Steak with stir fry vegetables from Weeknight menus. Also made a Egg drop soup from a mix, which was actually pretty good. Teenage daughter was here for dinner, too. Nice and relaxing evening.

Re: Leftover Dinner Tonight? Dec. 26th - Gourmet_Mom - 12-27-2008

Jeanette, I just read a great sounding Asian skirt steak recipe in the Pepin book I got that I'm determined to try. I'll post it if it's good (how could it not)....on my list to make ASAP!

Re: Leftover Dinner Tonight? Dec. 26th - firechef - 12-27-2008

Chef Pepin could make mass produced meals taste good...I know because he has! Did you know he once worked for the old Howard Johnson's chain? He was in their test/production kitchens that produced mass quantities of food that went to all of their restaurants and hotels. Of course when he was with them he worked for THE Howard Johnson himself!

Re: Leftover Dinner Tonight? Dec. 26th - Gourmet_Mom - 12-27-2008

Oh, I know...I just finished his autobiography! Such a fascinating book/life he has lead! I am truly captivated. I will say the HJ connection surprised me!