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Raw honey - Mare749 - 01-09-2009

Does anyone know the difference between raw honey and the honey you can buy from a grocery store? My daughter has started a new regimen with Alyssa to help with her digestion and had to find raw honey.


Re: Raw honey - farnfam - 01-09-2009

We kept bees for a while. I believe raw honey would refer to the unpasturized kind. It would have live bacteria (micro biotic), that some may think of as beneficial. But, all in all, it just doesn't keep as long. jmho

Re: Raw honey - HomeCulinarian - 01-09-2009

Curious you have a question about this today. I was buying local honey at our grocery store last weekend and the local "honey farmer" was stocking the shelf and he thanked me for buying his honey. His is in the produce section. We had a brief conversation - he was a gregarious fellow! Anyway, he said that what you want is the honey to still have the pollen in it. Many commercial processing brands remove it. He said to check if it's pasteurized. I believe that removes the benefit from pollen.

Re: Raw honey - Harborwitch - 01-09-2009

I take bee pollen capsules. Gives a little energy and makes me feel better. I love it when we can get the raw honey!

Re: Raw honey - labradors - 01-09-2009

Who IS Alyssa, and how old? Here's why I ask:

As it turns out, NOT giving your daughter honey while she is an infant is an important preventive health measure. It may save her life.

The concern is with infant botulism.
The single most effective way to prevent infant botulism is for infants to avoid honey. Breast feeding also appears to lessen the severity of botulism cases.

Therefore, despite other health benefits, honey is an unsafe food for any infant. HONEY SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN TO CHILDREN YOUNGER THAN 12 MONTHS.


Re: Raw honey - Mare749 - 01-09-2009

Alyssa is my 3 1/2 year old grandbaby that was premature at birth and had some health issues. Two summers back, many of the good people on this forum supported me during a surgery to repair her heart. She's doing well, but continues to have reflux problems. Some people seem to think that raw honey can help.


Re: Raw honey - labradors - 01-09-2009

Definitely consult your doctor first. The article referred to infants under 12 months, but if she may have other problems that could compromise her immune system in any way, she still may be too young for ANY honey, let alone the raw stuff.

Re: Raw honey - Mare749 - 01-09-2009

Thanks Rob, we did, as we had the same concerns that you mentioned. Her gastro doc gave the okay and one of the nurses that my daughter works with gave her the honey from her own farm.

Re: Raw honey - iBcookin - 01-10-2009

Any farmers that have hives in your area? We have a neighbor that actually gave us the entire frame that we worked the honey out of. Took some creativity since we ended up melting the comb and everything, but I would think that you wouldn't get any more raw than that.

Funny, I just caught a piece on the news last night about a medical team in Britain, I think, that applied a medicinial honey to a gentleman that was suffering a massive infection and it worked to contain the infection.

Re: Raw honey - firechef - 01-10-2009

Interesting thread...Kambree just hit 18 months and we still hold off on the honey from the local farm that our favourite pizza joint uses for dipping their crust into (think really thick and doughy whole wheat crust with a hint of sauce around the edge dipped into honey...) due to these types of concerns. I know in adults that honey in general is good for the digestive system just as cinnamon is good for diabetics and sugar processing in the body. Don't recall the whys to either "theory" but have the articles saved somewhere in my e-notebook...

Kambree was only about 6 to 7 weeks early but her only problems have been of a slight digestive kind besides the bi-lateral clefts of the lip and palate.