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Review- Beet Tabouleh - chef_Tab - 01-19-2009

The beet tabouleh is in our latest issue, Feb'09. I made this today to have with a roasted chicken for dinner. It is wonderful! The only thing is, I think I misinterpreted the recipe and soaked 2 cups of bulgar when I probably should have soaked less to make 2 cups soaked. I ended up adding more of everything else to compensate. It really is delicious and full of fiber. It will be great to pack into my lunches.

Re: Review- Beet Tabouleh - Gourmet_Mom - 01-19-2009

Theresa, I have yet to try bulgar. I'm thinking since we are not HUGE beet fans this would not be the one, but I want to try it. I have had tabouleh before, but was not HUGE on it, so could you recommend a good "starter" recipe for bulgar. The one I tried was a chopped salad...not bad, just not something I was dying to try at home. I know this is something we should have in our diet.

Re: Review- Beet Tabouleh - chef_Tab - 01-20-2009

Whole grains are something some people love and others hate. I liked this particular recipe because so many tabbouleh recipes have a lot of oil in them. As I was eating this I did think how wonderful it would be with asparagus. I think if you subbed in asparagus for the beets, it would be great. If you are uncertain, you may cut the recipe in half. We have a ton left. I ate some for dessert last night.

Re: Review- Beet Tabouleh - cjs - 01-20-2009

One suggestion for starting you off on bulgar, Daphne, you might try substituting bulgar for couscous in a recipe you especially like.

Re: Review- Beet Tabouleh - chef_Tab - 01-20-2009

I just found this recipe on epicurious. I haven't tried it yet, but it sure looks good.

Re: Review- Beet Tabouleh - cjs - 01-21-2009

Theresa, those really look interesting!

Re: Review- Beet Tabouleh - cjs - 04-10-2009

Madmax is on a Bulgar kick and looking at this thread, I remember wanting to make it, but never did. The mag. is out on the counter now!! It does sound good.