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Tuesday dinner?? - Roxanne 21 - 01-27-2009

As mentioned, I am on the salad kick today BUT I did make some lamb chops, sauteed potatoes and brussel sprouts with lemon/chive sauce for Peter. I did sneak some of those sprouts---Smile YUMMMM!!!

And y'all???

Re: Tuesday dinner?? - luvnit - 01-27-2009

I am gonna make some chicken noodle soup. But I may also make up a batch of fried rice later. Just to have leftovers for tomorrow.

Re: Tuesday dinner?? - chef_Tab - 01-27-2009

My plan is to make the pork chops Jean came up with. I am a bit under the weather and am not sure what will accompany them. I am perusing MC for some ideas. I need to work with things on hand, which isn't too much. I once had a salad that had a thick blueberry dressing that I would love to recreate. Looking forward to the chops though.

Re: Tuesday dinner?? - Gourmet_Mom - 01-27-2009

An anon was looking at the Spiedini thread yesterday and I realized I had never made it. So that's what's for dinner with lemon butter sauced linguine and a simple salad.

Re: Tuesday dinner?? - Trixxee - 01-27-2009

Skirt steak tacos and Rice a Roni Spanish rice. Nothing too elaborate, but at least it's easy. It's a heavy homework night here and I try to keep my dinner efforts to a minimum on those nights.

Re: Tuesday dinner?? - farnfam - 01-27-2009

Just our once a week meatless dish, Brocolli Gorganzola with Garbanzos over Pasta......oh and wine, quite a bit actually hic....

Re: Tuesday dinner?? - Gourmet_Mom - 01-28-2009

GEEEZ! I posted this on the wrong thread...LOL!

I baked the spiedini...not the best idea I've had, but the flavors were so good, I'll definitely do this again and again! But next time I'll either grill or saute....but WOW! The lemon butter sauce was awesome as well...great meal! Definite keeper!

Re: Tuesday dinner?? - Lorraine - 01-28-2009

I was going to make something healthy, but.... cut up some smoked pork jowl and fried it. Added some onions and keilbasa, then lots of cabbage and some tomato.

Re: Tuesday dinner?? - Harborwitch - 01-28-2009

Wow Lorraine that sounds divine.

Re: Tuesday dinner?? - Lorraine - 01-28-2009

It was, and there is just enough left over for my lunch. I had never seen pork jowl in a store until I moved here.