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Crockpot dinner - cjs - 02-05-2009

I'm typing my little ole fingers to the bone, so needed something easy and quick for dinner last night. This is so easy and good I'm almost embarassed to mention it, but because it is tasty, here goes.

I mixed a can of spicy refried beans and a can of enchilada sauce together, put a layer in the bottom, layer of onions, a chicken breast cut in half lengthwise, onion, beans, second chix breast, more onions and topped with the rest of the bean mix. My Lord, did the house ever smell good all day. And it was excellent. It ended up kind of a fusion dish - served it with the leftover fried rice from Chinese take out the night before....

Have more for leftovers tonight, so probably will do some noodles. that 'gravy' was really good.

Re: Crockpot dinner - Harborwitch - 02-05-2009

Oh man that sounds soooooo good. Yum.

Re: Crockpot dinner - Mare749 - 02-05-2009

Jean, it's funny you should mention this dish. Just last night I was looking for a recipe for a crockpot dish similar to yours, but you also layer in ground beef, corn tortillas, cheese, and not sure what else. It was almost like a Mexican lasagna in a crockpot.

Re: Crockpot dinner - DramaQueen - 02-05-2009

One of the best things about using a crockpot is that you can dump just about anything you want into it and it comes out great! The only rule is to brown the meat or poultry, it gives the meat and gravy a fantastically intense flavor.

Crock pots are soooo forgiving.