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Hooray For Little Stories (Memories) - bjcotton - 02-12-2009

You know how a thread this this can run on when something someone says trips a memory. Here you can feel free to share those memories. The first and only time I made a plain old tomato sauce, it was just that, a plain old tomato sauce. I forget why I was heating it in the microwave and at at time I had forgotten how Buddy was always right behind me. Well, I turned around with this warm tomato sauce, tripped over Buddy and suddenly a good portion of my kitchen seemed to have been painted orange as the sauce went flying. I was reminded of this the other day when I was cleaning the backsplash and spotted some of the tomato sauce, after about a year, on the bottom of the cupboard. You know the old saying, "Out of sight, out of mind?" Four quarts of tomato sauce goes a long way

Re: Hooray For Little Stories (Memories) - cjs - 02-12-2009

I can't think of any - it takes a post that triggers my old memory, so that I can hijack someone's thread.

I've got one like that - lxxf - 02-12-2009

About 12 years ago, I had cooked and cleaned all day for a dinner party I was having that evening. I don't remember the menu, except that the dessert required whipped cream. I grab the hand mixer and go to work. Mix, mix, mix and no whipped cream, that puppy would not whip up. Ach, I need a bigger tool, and I grab the sunbeam stand mixer. Something must have shifted during our recent move and when I push the start button the thing goes crazy and there is a tidal wave of un-whipped cream. It's everywhere. I'm soaked, it's on the ceiling, on the cabinets on the floor.

I'm outraged and dismayed at the same time. I've got to change my clothes and reclean the entire kitchen, and I still don't have any whipped cream. First things first, I strip (luckily the laundry is right off the kitchen).

My 20-year-old son has the misfortune of walking in at this moment. I holler at him to go back to the store and buy whipping cream (but not the store brand), and he sees his mother in her under wear and ranting and raving like a lunatic while cream is dripping from every surface. Smart kid as he is, he high tails it out of there, and calls me back about 15 minutes later and asks, now what, exactly, to you need me to get?

I guess the I recovered and the party went well. I have no memory of it other than the mess.


Re: I've got one like that - cjs - 02-12-2009

Oh Sally!! That's so hilarious - I know, not so hilarious at the moment. Oh my.

Re: I've got one like that - Lorraine - 02-12-2009

I remember when that happened, Billy.

Re: I've got one like that - bjcotton - 02-12-2009

I bought a new Braun Immersion blender with all the goodies, ice crusher, whisk, etc., a real nice outfit, cost about $100 at the time. I decided to whip cream for some reason, can't remember. So I got out the Braun with the whisk and the whipping container. I must have whipped that cream for 10 minutes and it hadn't even formed soft peaks. So at a Christmas party at Jean's daughter's, Madmax, I asked Jean to help me out. Brought the Braun and everything. Just as I was beginning, I discovered the speed control on the top of the unit, and everyone left the room, so I had no one to tell me when it was whipped. About 10 seconds later with the speed set on high, I had stiff peaks, luckily Jean's husband Roy, came back and told me it was finished. Otherwise I might have continued to make butter . That was the year before I brought Buddy to the next Christmas party at Madmax' house. He fit right in like he'd been going there for years. We'd go outside, Buddy and I, and when we came back in he'd go around and give everyone a kiss on the hand. Had Jean cursing me every time, she'd have to wash her hands again. I don't think she really minded though, she liked Buddy and he liked her...a lot

Re: I've got one like that - luvnit - 02-12-2009

I have that same unit Billy. I love it for whipping cream, it works great!

Re: I've got one like that - Gourmet_Mom - 02-12-2009

Cute stories Billy. The whole mess thing really got me thinking. My stories involve a salad spinner. The first incident involved William....poor man. I asked him to spin the lettuce since he was in such a rush to eat. I didn't know I had to give instructions. He jerked the string without holding the top down and lettuce spun out all over the room. Same spinner, different family member...sweet baby girl...she's blonde, btw. I asked her to rinse and spin the salad for dinner. After a few minutes of getting her started tearing the lettuce, I look over and realize she has put the lettuce in the spinner WITH water and was swooshing away...I almost fell out! Poor thing felt better when I told her the story about her dad and the spinner.

Finally, my "healthy respect" for pressure cookers. When we were between Southport and the lake, some friends would feed William dinner from time to time. One night the man of the house was using his old pressure cooker to make beef stew. As they were having cocktails, the thing "blew up" in his face. It's a miracle he was not severely burned. That fact made the situation a little more comical. All three of them were covered in shredded beef, as well as the whole kitchen and dining area. The worst part about it was that the dining area has a two story ceiling. They had shredded beef hanging off the ceiling fan one and a half stories up. They had to hire pros to come in to scrape it off the ceiling, fans, and light fixtures.

Re: I've got one like that - cjs - 02-12-2009

Well, crap, I think I've already told all my stories -
Mattie wanting to be grounded the next day,
dropping a pan of prime ribs,
using tampax on my snowman centerpiece,

on and on - of course after 9,088 posts, of course I've told all the stories at least once.

So, I'll just sit and read and enjoy!

Re: I've got one like that - Gourmet_Mom - 02-12-2009

I am so glad my wine glass was empty at the time I read this one...Jean, I'm gonna have to look this one up! With tampax in the search box, I ought to find it easily.....ROFLMAO!