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OT - Very rare photo - luvnit - 02-19-2009

I took this picture the other evening. Okay, so this is sort of like taking a picture of a lightening strike or a comet that comes by every 50 years or something rare like that.

Here are the circumstances:

Both my kids are:

-clean (they just had their bath)
-smiling (someone is always either mad or crying or both)
-hugging each other (usually if they are close enough to touch, someone ends up crying)

You may notice two other things with this picture. Maggie lost her front tooth (the natural way). And see how that hug could easily turn into a headlock...

Re: OT - Very rare photo - cjs - 02-19-2009

Isn't it wonderful when you have these moments!! I remember the first time four of the kids (& boy/girl friends) sat around the table just yakking one afternoon. What a delight.

That's certainly a keeper picture!

Re: OT - Very rare photo - Mare749 - 02-19-2009

That's a beautiful photo, Laura. I would be framing that one. They certainly look like happy children. If only they could be that way all the time...

Re: OT - Very rare photo - Lorraine - 02-19-2009

What a great picture! It does have the making of a headlock. LOL

Re: OT - Very rare photo - sophia - 02-19-2009

Precious Moments! How great to capture them in a photo. My grandkids are about that age now and we can't get enough when it comes to pictures of them; they're changing so quickly.

Beautiful, happy-looking kids,luvnit. Thanks for posting the pic!

Re: OT - Very rare photo - Harborwitch - 02-19-2009

What a beautiful picture! The possibility of a headlock is there. . . . and the difference in between a smile and a demonic grin is only a matter of time with kids

It's beautiful and deserves to be hung on the wall in a lovely frame - they are beautiful children.

Re: OT - Very rare photo - DramaQueen - 02-19-2009

Great shot. Hang on to it tightly, you may never see another like it. LOL.
You have beautiful kids.
And I know what you mean about the "head lock" been there, done that. My kids are in their mid 40's so believe me these moments end fast.

Re: OT - Very rare photo - HomeCulinarian - 02-19-2009

Laura - You have a couple of really cute kids. I remember the school age days and miss them sometimes. Each phase has its joys. The picture definitely needs to be in a frame for all to see!

Re: OT - Very rare photo - Roxanne 21 - 02-19-2009

How precious, Laura--------MUST frame this ----definitely a keeper and what fond memories you will cherish!!!!

BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN-----soon they will be ADULTS

Very nice, Laura - lxxf - 02-19-2009

My kids were 14 months apart. It was 8 years before I was sure I had given birth to my same species. That's how much they fought.