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Flan Question - luvnit - 03-02-2009

I guess I just missed Jean with this question. I haven't made her flan yet, I didn't have an ingredient I needed. Now I do, so I will make it today or tomorrow.

My question is: Do you eat flan cold, warm or hot?

Re: Flan Question - farnfam - 03-02-2009

Laura, alls I know is when we've had it in Mexico it's mostly been room temp. I guess so the carmelly stuff stays liquidy.

Re: Flan Question - luvnit - 03-02-2009

Makes sense. Didn't think of that. Okay.

Re: Flan Question - bjcotton - 03-02-2009

The answer to your question Laura is, Yes!

Re: Flan Question - luvnit - 03-02-2009

Great Billy. I didn't know if I had to serve this right away, hot out of the oven, or if it could/should wait to be served at a different temp.

Now I know... All of the above!

Re: Flan Question - cjs - 03-02-2009

uh, at the bottom of the recipe it says -

"Remove to wire racks to cool for 30 min.; chill for several hours or overnight. To serve, run small spatula around edges of cups; gently shake flans to loosen. Invert onto serving dishes to serve."

do the same with one large one. If you run a knife around the edge, cover with a plate and invert, all the wonderful carmely goop will be like a frosting for the pie. Serve and eat it cold, well not ice cold, but not warmed at all.

You didn't miss me, Laura - I was working on Bill's dinner menu - boy did he pick a wordy one!

Re: Flan Question - Cubangirl - 03-02-2009

I don't know about Mexican flan, but Cuban flan is stored in the refrigerator. The caramel is still liquid. You can have it at room temp, but I prefer mine a bit colder. You would never have it warm. I think it improves after a day in the fridge.

Re: Flan Question - cjs - 03-03-2009

I do too - cuban girl.