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Pimento Cheese Grits Review - Calliope - 03-03-2009

I liked them very much, but I LOVE grits. I served them with a grilled steak and roasted asparagus.

I didn't quite have the 4 ozs. of pimentos, though I'm not sure more would have made much difference. They really didn't taste like pimento cheese, which I happen to like a lot. I was thinking making my own roasted red bell peppers would be great in these grits. Even oven roasted tomatoes, chopped would be good to me. I used more chopped green onions than called for because I love green onions. The onions added a nice dimension.

I didn't puree the cream cheese/cheddar/pimento mixture. I just softened it all a bit in the microwave and mixed well with a fork. It basically pureed that way, very easily.

The grits were completed before the rest of the meal was ready. I kept them warm in the oven, covered. I rewarm grits that way all the time, so I knew it would work.

I will make them again. Grits are a good and different side dish and they aren't just for breakfast anymore!

Re: Pimento Cheese Grits Review - HomeCulinarian - 03-03-2009

Calliope - thanx for the great review. I'm not a grits lover and I just quickly passed this recipe by. You have me looking at it a little closer...

Re: Pimento Cheese Grits Review - Mare749 - 03-03-2009

Thanks for the review, Calliope. I like grits, just never make them. This makes me want to try that recipe.

Re: Pimento Cheese Grits Review - cjs - 03-04-2009

I love grits - which issue is this in?

Re: Pimento Cheese Grits Review - chef_Tab - 03-04-2009

I think they are in the newest issue that you don't like, Jean!! teehee.

Re: Pimento Cheese Grits Review - cjs - 03-04-2009

Back to the room, young lady...

Re: Pimento Cheese Grits Review - Gourmet_Mom - 03-04-2009

Geez, Theresa, how will we play this weekend if you are on restriction?

I LOVE grits, but detest pimento cheese. That being said, William is a HUGE fan, so I had already looked at that. I wasn't sure if I would actually make it, but now that you have reviewed it, I probably will. Thanks Calliope!