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Cooking for Engineers - luvnit - 03-05-2009

I found this really great site called Cooking for Engineers

Their slogan: Have an analytical mind? Like to cook? This is the site to read!

They have a sense of humor but explain recipes techniques in detail, with pictures, but not so much detail you feel like they are talking to a beginner cook or small child.

Re: Cooking for Engineers - labradors - 03-05-2009

Very interesting. Another one I keep encountering in the results of various searches is WiseGeek.

Re: Cooking for Engineers - cjs - 03-05-2009

I recommended that one to Roy a while back, Laura - him being an engineer and all, but I won't repeat what he thought of most of the posters..... and their posts.

Re: Cooking for Engineers - pjcooks - 03-05-2009

I discovered this several years ago, I always thiught it was cool how they set up their recipes! Haven't been there in a while, I'll have to go check it out again.


Re: Cooking for Engineers - firechef - 03-18-2009

I love this site and the step by steps were great. I too have been there off and on for a few years as well and will have to check it out.