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Sunday Brunch & A Little Humor - Old Bay - 03-08-2009

First, let me say, I take full responsibility for my cheating the system. No, I'm not Madoff. I have bloodwork Thursday AM. We had a NY strip last night with a caprese salad and baked potato--leftovers today was a French dip with sauteed onions, beef broth and broiled baked potato strips--brilliant!! The highlite however was a wonderful wine--Charbonneau '05 from Woodward Canyon in Walla Walla Washington--a 57% Cab/ 43% merlot blend. As fine a Bordeaux blend as I've ever tasted in the US. I know Jean and Roy can get it and anybody can order it--a little pricey, but great with red meat!!

Back to my sins--tonight, Salmon, next chicken stir fry, then eggplant parmesean, then whole wheat pasta marinara, then Thursday nite another steak!!! I don't know if it works but I do try!! I don't think my doctor can tell, and I don't want to live forever.

Re: Sunday Brunch & A Little Humor - bbally - 03-08-2009

Thanks for the wine tip! I do love a good meritage blend.

Like you I don't want to be laying in a hospital dying of nothing!!! So I eat what I want.

Re: Sunday Brunch & A Little Humor - cjs - 03-08-2009

Oh my, everything sounds just wonderful and if I'm not mistaken we have a bottle (one?) of that downstairs....hurry out here and we'll share.

Re: Sunday Brunch & A Little Humor - bjcotton - 03-08-2009

Have any of you tried rice pasta? We found spaghetti and rotini pasta at Bob's Red Mill yesterday. Marilee had already tried it and really liked it. I bought a couple of pounds of each to try. I'll let you know what I think.

Re: Sunday Brunch & A Little Humor - lxxf - 03-08-2009

We had a good friend who had a nice little belly going of which he was very proud. He would pat it fondly and pronounce that no fast food went into that belly, nothing but champagne and carviar and other good food.

I have another friend with whom we sing, who said upon my commenting on her turquoise nail polish, "look, Sally, I'm not getting any younger, or thinner, so if I want to wear turquoise nail polish, I will, OK" To which I replied, "you go girl"

Re: Sunday Brunch & A Little Humor - cjs - 03-09-2009

Billy, I have some rice pasta, but have not tried it yet. I'll have to drag it out and give it a go.