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Speaking of cheese........ - farnfam - 03-08-2009

well, we were a few posts ago. We had so enjoyed that pomegranente schnapps that we went back to Watertown to buy their last two bottles (two for $10, can you belive it?). While we were there I checked Pricechopper and was able to get a lead on both cheeses, is that great or what? I was able to get Manchego right then and there at Pricechopper!! and he's got me an English Stilton coming in next Friday.

Re: Speaking of cheese........ - bjcotton - 03-08-2009

Good for you Missy Empress! I recently tried an English Cheddar (white). Didn't care for it for munching, but it sure was good on top of a mac 'n' cheese casserole.

Re: Speaking of cheese........ - cjs - 03-09-2009

You're gonna have some fun now, Cis