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More Jesse - bjcotton - 03-11-2009

Here are some more pictures of Jesse. In some of them he was laying behind my chair so I took the picture(s) of him over my shoulder. The muddy glass is how he tells me he's ready to come back in. The picture of the two boxes is how he used to get up to the back sliding glass door before he was big enough to jump up on the big wooden one. He would jump on the smaller plastic one and then onto the big one. He is three months old as of Feb 18 and is a great entertainment and comfort to me. The picture of him laying on his back is how he sleeps most of the time, and the one of him laying on my foot is where he stays when not playing. He loves to lay on my dirty clothes when I sort them for laundry.

Re: More Jesse - Harborwitch - 03-11-2009

Good grief - he's getting huge, and cuter every day.

Re: More Jesse - chef_Tab - 03-11-2009

Awwww, he really is so cute. I love the last shot with one of his ears tucked back. And his fur almost looks like down!

Re: More Jesse - labradors - 03-11-2009

LOL! They always manage to commandeer a foot, don't they. Great pics.

Re: More Jesse - HomeCulinarian - 03-11-2009

What a sweet pup and companion!

Re: More Jesse - madmax - 03-11-2009

Ohhh Billly your right she's so big now, I'm so happy for you and by the way PLEASE tell me this one feeds herself and my silverware will not be used to feed this one

Re: More Jesse - Mare749 - 03-11-2009

What in the world are you feeding her? She's grown so much in just a few weeks! Beautiful dog, Billy. You seem so thrilled with this one, it must be the right match.

So, what about those obedience classes?

Re: More Jesse - bjcotton - 03-11-2009

No Tracie, I'm not fork feeding him. Although he does clean up my plate, bowl, etc., when I'm finished. He likes Yoplait yogurt (any flavor), tomato soup, and steamed veggies...including Brussels sprouts and salad. But mainly dog food (at $42 per bag of Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish).

I am thrilled with him. He is a sweet loving little guy and quite smart. He had his second class on Tuesday and the trainer says he is coming along very well. I am supposed to train him on how to greet people by sitting and letting them pet him. NO jumping up. The trainer said it's usually harder to train Golden retrievers to do this because they are so exuberant. The training him to "Come" is not going so well...if he's chewing on a rock, pulling up grass or something else interesting, he'll look up at him name and then ignore me. He does come and hide behind me if something scares him though . Still has an occasional accident peeing in the house but that will come.

Re: More Jesse - Gourmet_Mom - 03-11-2009

Oh my! I have to agree, Billy, that last one with his ear flipped back is too much! I'm so glad you two found each other!

Re: More Jesse - bjcotton - 03-11-2009

If it hadn't been for my sister (Jessie) Carolynn Anderson, we wouldn't have. That's one of the reasons he's named Jesse.