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Saturday's dinner - 3/21? - cjs - 03-21-2009

Poblanos caught Roy's eye at the store yesterday, so I'm makig an old favorite - Pork-Stuffed Poblanos with Walnut Cream sauce. Haven't had it forever.

Still trying cheese dishes for the winery (instead of offering just chunks of cheese to keep the costs down) and this one is really good, but don't know if I'll offer it, but I will make it again at home.

Goat cheese & Garlic spread

10 medium cloves roasted garlic
2 oz. softened goat cheese
2 T. Parmesan cheese

Mixed together; set aside. Split a naan in half horizontally and spread the cheese/garlic mixture on the cut side and lay on a baking sheet.

Heat in a 375F. oven until hot. I smeared it with Rhubarb, Jalapeno & Blk. cherry jam to serve. Man, that was tasty!

What are you up to today?

Re: Saturday's dinner - 3/21? - Gourmet_Mom - 03-21-2009

I'm making the Newburg Pot Pie tonight...can't wait! The spinach looked good yesterday, so we'll have spinach salad to go with. Since crab comes in a large container, what's a girl to do, but make hot crab dip for an appy.

I'm hoping to pop in at the Cape Fear Farm Heritage Festival later. There's going to be a hundred antique tractors as well as old farm "ways" demonstrations.

Re: Saturday's dinner - 3/21? - Mare749 - 03-21-2009

"Still trying cheese dishes for the winery"

Makes me want to get on the next plane to Jean's house!

As for dinner, too early to say, but thinking about a muffaletta, made with "Pane Siciliano" (semolina bread) from The Bread Baker's Apprentice, and a nice salad to go with.

Re: Saturday's dinner - 3/21? - Old Bay - 03-21-2009

We are doing the chicken with Greek salsa--(my birthday dinner), since we will be out of town on my birthday.

Re: Saturday's dinner - 3/21? - Trixxee - 03-21-2009

I'm not sure. I haven't been feeling well for 3 days and anything even remotely similar to what I've eaten lately does not sound good. Especially the leftover enchiladas from last night. I was going to make my corned beef but I don't know that I want that either- too heavy. Maybe just a grilled chicken sandwich on a bun with fruit on the side. I've been craving fruit for some reason.

Re: Saturday's dinner - 3/21? - luvnit - 03-21-2009

We are having the Roasted Vegetable Salad from Issue No. 54 (we have that a lot). Along with some pan-seared scallops and jumbo butterfied breaded shrimp. I think I will served the scallops with a white wine sauce.

It's our wedding anniversary. Well, actually it was on Thursday, but now we have a sitter.

Re: Saturday's dinner - 3/21? - Gourmet_Mom - 03-21-2009

Happy Anniversary, Laura! I hope you enjoy your special night!

Geez! I forgot my corned beef!!!!! Tomorrow, hopefully!

Re: Saturday's dinner - 3/21? - cjs - 03-21-2009

And where are you and Jane off to for your b'day celebration, Mr. Bill????

Feel better, Trixxee - craving fruit! I do also every year about this birthday (in May) is when I have my first great fruit platter of the year!!

Happy Anniversary, Laura! have a great time.

Re: Saturday's dinner - 3/21? - Old Bay - 03-21-2009


And where are you and Jane off to for your b'day celebration, Mr. Bill????

No big deal, but Jane has satisfied her insurance deductable and co pay for two years (a lot of money!!)--we are having her knee "scoped" at noon on my birthday, Tuesday (scheduling problem) so the insurance can pay 100%!!! We are fixing everything else wrong with her at no charge to us. I'm taking her to the Marriott Medical Center to recover and we are having room service!!(Marriotts have good food). We are removing all the duct tape and bailing wire from her at the insurance companies expense this year!!

Janes note, Special thanks for everybodys good wishes and thoughts--Bill still continues to take good care of me as my loyal caretaker--I'm a lucky girl!!

Re: Saturday's dinner - 3/21? - HomeCulinarian - 03-21-2009

Lots of good stuff going on today with ya'll! Pretty low key here... Since our team is out of the tournament, we've lost interest in March Madness. Thinking we'll watch a movie tonight, have Mostly Martha from Netflix at home now.

We chose our menus from the Cooking from Two books for the week. I'm trying two new ones from the later Cuisine for Two and two tried and true from the first Cooking for Two book. We'll have the usual spaghetti and grilled marinara for teenage daughter dinner night. She doesn't mind trying new things, but is happiest with comfort food that night.

On this weeks menu...
Teriyaki chicken breast with stir-fry vegetables and sweet & sour rice
Balsamic pork tenderloin with lemon-honey sauce and Parmesan polenta.
Nicoise salad
Lemon sirloin with feta tabbouleh (that's on for tonight)