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Good results for diet effort! - HomeCulinarian - 03-26-2009

I've written over the last couple of months about being on a diet. I went to the doctor at the end of December (hadn't been for a couple of years before that ) to find out my cholesterol was 293! My glucose was at the high end of normal. The doctor's office called and told me he had ordered a statin prescription for me. Well, I don't like to take medications so I asked if I had any other choices.... I was referred to the clinic's weight loss program and was given 6 months to try to correct this with diet and exercise. So, Hubby joined me for moral support. The diet plan I chose is called Healthy Living which is a sensible diet and exercise. I have to go to a weekly one hour meeting where I get weighed and stay for a program. They also offer a liquid diet, or one with meal replacements, which I was just not interested in. My plan is 1500 calories a day, 5 fruits and/or vegetables a day, and 2000 physical activity points per week, which are minutes of activity translated to calories burned. I joined a jazzercise class and go 3 or 4 times a week, and we started ballroom dancing classes and go once or twice a week to that. Pretty easy, really.

After 11 weeks, I've lost only 11.6 pounds, but the really good news is that my cholesterol was down to 229! And the HDL stayed constant. My glucose reading went down 5 points, too. Hubby has lost more weight than me, actually he made his goal of losing 17 pounds in 10 weeks. He has his medical review appointment today and I'm sure he'll get a good one because he didn't have high statistics to start with.

Anyway, wanted to share my good news. Thanx to you all for your encouragement!

Re: Good results for diet effort! - farnfam - 03-26-2009

Good Job!!! I would be thrilled to lose 11 pounds.

Re: Good results for diet effort! - labradors - 03-26-2009


I've been considering trying a site called Dr. Gourmet. Looks interesting, so far.

Re: Good results for diet effort! - HomeCulinarian - 03-26-2009

I've just spent about 20 mintues poking around that site. I think I like it and looks like he has some good recipes. Thanx!

Re: Good results for diet effort! - Mare749 - 03-26-2009

Jeanette, that's really great news! You should be very proud of your hard work. It's wonderful that you are able to take control of your diet like that and avoid taking medications! You are certainly inspiring me to do a better job. Thank you for sharing your success.


Re: Good results for diet effort! - cjs - 03-26-2009

Oh Jeanette, that wonderful!! That cholesterol thing can be a real bugaboo. Off to check out Lab's website.

Re: Good results for diet effort! - luvnit - 03-26-2009

Wow! That's wonderful! 11.6 lbs! I think that's really good. I'd love to do that!

Re: Good results for diet effort! - chef_Tab - 03-26-2009

Jeanette, that is so wonderful! You have more than likely replaced some fat with muscle and muscle weighs more. Do you feel healthier and more energetic? I am so impressed with the cholesterol drop. That is amazing. Congrats to you and hubby. Keep up the good work!

Re: Good results for diet effort! - farnfam - 03-26-2009

Oh Yum, what a great website!! Lots of tasty ideas there

Re: Good results for diet effort! - Gourmet_Mom - 03-26-2009

Congratulations, Jeanette! I'm very impressed, also! I have been fortunate with my cholesterol, so far. I too hate taking meds, so have worked to bring my blood pressure down to avoid meds.

Now, I think I'll go take a look at that site Labs mentioned.