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Beef Tenderloin - connieacts2 - 04-10-2009

I am making a beef tenderloin for Easter (only a couple of days away!)...I have read several recipes & am not sure what is the best method for roasting. Some recipes say to sear the meat first...some say to start at a very high temp and then reduce to a lower temp...some say to roast at a certain temp the entire time. I am going to adapt a recipe that I came up with for rib eyes. I am encrusting the tenderloin with 5 different kinds of crushed peppercorns and roasting. I am making my port wine sauce (which is absolutely to die for)...but, I know that Cuisine at home had an article about roasting tenderloin...but, it was before I started subscribing! Can anyone send me info from that issue?


Re: Beef Tenderloin - Old Bay - 04-10-2009

I like to roast the 2-3 lb butt end. Tie it at 1/2 inch intervals and then season as you wish. Heat the oven to 400--place roast on a rack in a roasting pan; roast 10 min. Immediately reduce heat to 250 --do not open oven! Continue roasting 20 min--internal temp should be checked--bring to 125/med rare, or 135/med.

Re: Beef Tenderloin - DFen911 - 04-10-2009

Hello Connie and welcome to the boards!!

I do the start at high heat and turn it down method myself

Re: Beef Tenderloin - cjs - 04-10-2009

I also start mine at ~425-450 F. for 15 min. then turn down to 350F. to desired internal temp. and no cover.

Here's what I posted in a thread brought to the top for you -
"I'm of the school of high heat (425 - 450 F.) to start and reduce to 350 F. to finish the roast off. Roasting on an open low sided pan will take care of the browning at the higher temp.

Pull from the oven when the temperatures reaches 125 F. for rare; 130-135 F. for medium and any higher than that I won't comment on. Tent and let rest for 15-20 minutes.

Your sauce sounds very tasty! And if you have any fresh rosemary (about 1 T.), it would be wonderful replacing the parsley in the sauce."