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OT-Ant Infestation - bjcotton - 04-24-2009

We are having a battle in the kitchen with those little tiny ants. I took everything off the kitchen counters, sprayed them with ant spray, left them for about an hour, and then scrubbed them. Then set the Terro ant traps (they eat the Terro and then carry it back to their nests. Here they came again, avoiding the Terro. Jesse (the pup) found 3 Carpenter ants yesterday, so will probably have to have the house at least sprayed, maybe even tented. We'll see.

Re: OT-Ant Infestation - Harborwitch - 04-24-2009

I'd rather have mice than ants. Ick! Bob uses Home Defense on the outside perimeter, doorways, windows, etc. when we see ants. He nixed the pest control guy - I hope we don't regret it. Good luck Sweetie.

Re: OT-Ant Infestation - chef_Tab - 04-24-2009

That's odd, Terro is the only thing I have found that works for me on the small ants. Carpenter ants usually indicate rotting wood. Good luck, Billy. Bugs are so scarey.

Re: OT-Ant Infestation - foodfiend - 04-24-2009

I use this, and wonder if it's like the Terro which you are talking about. Works wonderfully for us. [Image: 8695.jpg]

Re: OT-Ant Infestation - HomeCulinarian - 04-24-2009

We have an army of tiny ants in our neighborhood. They have huge ranges and the colony could be far from you home. Hate dealing with them, too.

Re: OT-Ant Infestation - Roxanne 21 - 04-25-2009

Creep-crawlies---YIKES!!!! My biggest nightmare!!! We have a product here called DyAnt----WOW---it is AMAZING!!! We go around the perimeter of the house every 6 months and not a one is seen inside! There is also another product that is a little green disc (ant trap is the name) that people swear by. I keep a couple around in "most likely for ant intrusion" places.

Do I go and look now???

Re: OT-Ant Infestation - foodfiend - 04-25-2009

Hey Billy, thanks for reminding the ants that IT'S TIME. Not 3 hours after I responded above did I go into the kitchen and find the little devils on my counter for the first time this year.

Re: OT-Ant Infestation - DFen911 - 04-25-2009

Billy do you know there they are coming in at? I use the ortho ant baits inside as well as outside.

This year for us it's the gnat infestation. Even at work it is out of control. Last night alone 8 got into my glass of water.

Each year it's something different. 8 years ago it was the grasshoppers. 100's of thousands of them all over. If you drove too fast they'd clog the grill on your car. The next year it was flies, after that ants, after that snails. I had never seen so many snails in my life! Our neighbors filled a trash can with them after one weekend of scooping them up with a shovel. Then it was the pill bugs (rollie pollies).

I'm tellin ya...mother nature is trying to tell us something. Lol maybe we're the pestilence

Re: OT-Ant Infestation - labradors - 04-25-2009


We have a product here called DyAnt----WOW---it is AMAZING!!! We go around the perimeter of the house every 6 months and not a one is seen inside!

Just looked up DyAnt on the Internet, and the brand has several products with different active ingredients. Which is the one you use, and what does it contain? If I can't find the brand here, maybe I can find something that uses the same ingredients.

Also, how well does it hold up in heavy rain? I do live in the tropics, after all.

Re: OT-Ant Infestation - bjcotton - 04-25-2009

No Denise, I can't find where they are coming in. They first appearred in one of the cabinets in my Baker's Sugar canister (somebody didn't put the lid on all the way...I wonder what he was doing in there?). We bought some Home Defense and I am going to spray inside the house then Paul will spray the outside next weekend when he gets home. I'll see if that works. My brother, Charles, said he used it around his house and around all the houses he builds.