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Troutsies!! - farnfam - 04-28-2009

We had a fun, but physically exhausting day yesterday. We hiked up to Evergreen Lake and landed these troutsies!

Tonight they are going to be planked on the grill, buttered and wrapped in bacon! YUM

Re: Troutsies!! - bjcotton - 04-28-2009

Well for heaven's sake Sweetie, those look delish. You actually WALKED somewhere for FISH? Well geez!

Re: Troutsies!! - cjs - 04-28-2009

Oh man, Cis, not much makes me envious, but those???? I'm just as green-eyed as I can be!

Re: Troutsies!! - Gourmet_Mom - 04-28-2009

Those look delicious Cis!!!!! I remember when we lived in Boone during college. During the summer months, they would stock the streams on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We had an inside line when they had stocked the streams. When we got the word, we'd load up some beer and charcoal and go fly fishing. We'd gut and grill the fish right in the park! What a blast those days were!!!!!!!

Well, ours aren't trout, and they're not as large, but I have a post planned for this weekend of fishing off the pier. The guys are out there now. We throw them back unless we have a fish fry planned!

Re: Troutsies!! - chef_Tab - 04-28-2009

How yummy, Cis. I am so envious. Nothing like fresh caught fish. Did Lola go with you? What did she wear? haha.

Re: Troutsies!! - Mare749 - 04-28-2009

Nice catch! Sounds like a fabulous meal tonight! Why did you have to hike to a lake? Must be awfully remote. Did you take some pics? Oh, and what about Lola? Did she along?

Re: Troutsies!! - farnfam - 04-28-2009

Evergreen Lake really is a remote one, you have to canoe over to the place where the hike starts. And the "trail"(about a mile up) is a hundred year old logging road, that basically is no more. This year we wound up scrambling around some huge trees that had blown down as well.
Of course Lola came along, she wore her life jacket in the canoe. She did the hike with "naked" paws cuz James doesn't think she needs hiking boots
She's really very fox like and sure footed on the trail, unexpected for such a frilly little dog.
Maybe I'll buy her a cute little pink backpack

Re: Troutsies!! - DFen911 - 04-28-2009

Wow Cis that is just too cool! I can't wait to hear how they came out. It's been years since I had fresh caught trout. Makes my mouth water

Re: Troutsies!! - farnfam - 04-30-2009

Just thought you all might like to see them prepped and planked for the grill.
OMG, they were sooo good! We did give Lola a little bit too.

Re: Troutsies!! - cjs - 04-30-2009

I thought I was envious before....