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Thermomix - Old Bay - 05-02-2009

Does anyone have one of these German beauties?? Just read about it in the WSJ and they may not be available in the USA. Machine does everything on the counter including cooking!!!

Re: Thermomix - labradors - 05-02-2009

Been watching late-night TV again? LOL!

Re: Thermomix - DFen911 - 05-02-2009

I'm sure if it's worth the $1,000 price tag though

Re: Thermomix - cjs - 05-02-2009

Never heard of it...

Re: Thermomix - chef_Tab - 05-02-2009

It says it practically cleans itself! The risotto sure looks good in the picture. I noticed it is even on Youtube. But then what isn't these days.

Re: Thermomix - Gourmet_Mom - 05-03-2009

Nope, never heard of it